Showtime Andreas Öman has released a new test build of Showtime Testing v4.7.156

Changes in 4.7.156

  • http: Break apart http_req() monster in preparation for async http client
  • bittorrent: Fix problem with tracker announcements when multiple torrents where active
  • bittorrent: Fix some reference leaks that caused torrents not to be flushed out when browsing them
  • ps3: Display available harddrive size in sysinfo overlay
  • fs: Fix broken call to fap_fsinfo()
  • blobcache: Use fa_fsinfo() to get avail space on system
    This deprecates arch_cache_avail_bytes() which was broken on ps3
  • A slight workaround to fix problems with throbber when searching:
    The root cause is the ‘origin’ link in pages that gets incorrectly relinked when a page is closed. Not 100% how to fix this but this workaround seems to do it for now
  • prop: Fix bug when unlinking (we cant just throw away all link tracks
  • prop: Add various debug helpers and some unit tests
  • Fix uninitialized var when compiling with -Og
  • prop: Fix problem in search_for_linkagel
  • This sometimes made prop_unlink() fail to detect when it needed to restore subscriptions

General features

  • Icecast/Shoutcast radio streaming
  • Per-file and per-folder settings during video playback. Read more below.
  • Support for MPL subtitle format
  • Support for TMPlayer subtitles
  • Support for DVD Subtitle system (.txt) format
  • Improved and more robust parsing of SRT files
  • Improved start time when streaming over HTTP
  • Add audio test generator in Settings -> Audio. Good for testing that your surround speaker setup is correct.
  • Fix problems with various JPEG files.
  • Make it possible to turn off video frame linear interpolation. Traditionally Showtime have interpolated video frames to match display output. Some users find that this may blur the video a bit so this feature can now be turned off.
  • Store per-file settings directly in file system. Read more below.

Per-file and per-folder settings

During video playback the user can adjust per-file specific settings.
These are:

  • Audio Volume (New in 4.6)
  • Audio/Video sync adjustment
  • Subtitle sync adjustment
  • Subtitle scaling
  • Subtitle alignment
  • Subtitle vertical displacement
  • Subtitle horizontal displacement
  • Video zoom
  • Video stretch to widescreen
  • Video stretch to full screen
  • Video frame interpolation (New in 4.6)

The settings are remembered per file so when you come back the configuration will be resumed. It’s now also possible to apply the configuration to the entire folder. This means that any files loaded from that folder (including new ones) will also have these settings. The user can also apply the current settings as new global defaults.

If the files are located on a SMB/Windows share with write access the corresponding settings will be stored on the server. See below.

Store per-file settings directly in file system using Extended Attributes.

Up until now, Showtime have stored per-file settings in an Sqlite database. These settings include things such as “Seen”, “Resume position”, “Selected subtitle”, “Selected audio track” plus all the settings that can be configured during video playback (mentioned above).

Starting from 4.6 Showtime will now try to store these settings directly in the filesystem where the file is also located. It does this by storing the information as “Extended Attribute”. This works if Showtime have write access to your SMB/Windows shares. This feature is default on and can be disabled in Settings -> General.

The real upside of this is that if you have multiple devices they will all share the “Seen status”, “Resume position”, and all other settings. Also if you re-install Showtime this information will be intact.

For details about Extended Attributes, please read:


  • Add support for BIG5 character encoding
  • Add support for different On Screen Keyboard layouts.

Playstation 3 specific changes

  • Showtime now uses virtual memory (backed by HDD) on PS3. This should drastically reduce out-of-memory problems.
  • Show a notification if h264 profile/level restrictions is violated.
    For example if a 1080p video use more than 4 reference frames.

Other changes

  • User interface now only redraws on demand (instead of every frame).
    This greatly reduce CPU/Power consumption when application is idle.
  • Upgraded to libav 10
  • Over 150 bugs fixed. See

Download it from the Brewology Store.

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