Showtime Andreas Öman has released a new test build of Showtime Testing v4.7.307

Changes in 4.7.307

  • glw/freefloat: Fix NULL deref
    Fixes recent regression causing screen saver to crash Showtime

  • hls: Switch to buffered streaming
  • hls: Skip over spaces when parsing key=value attribute lists
  • video: Use prop_create_r() when appropriate
  • glw: Don’t implement own event types in glw when there is avilable ‘global’ ones
  • event: Rewrite event_create_playurl and event_create_openurl
    These function now take a constructor argument and together with some
    macro trickery this now makes these functions look like they accept named arguments

  • glw: Add support for unresolved/arbitrary widget attributes
  • glw: Fix missing TOKEN_LINK -> TOKEN_URI change
  • glw: Add z sorting
  • glw: Make it possible to turn off cursor rendering on per-widget basis
  • glw: Rewrite event handling
  • glw: Integrate glw_wirebox in glw_renderer pipeline
  • glw: Move the render job setup to common code in glw_renderer.c
  • glw: Switch to delayed rendering also for video widgets
  • glw/container: Add reverse render for container_x
  • glw: Get rid of non-normalized texture coordinate modes (which is unused)
  • glw: Make multiopt() view method set current values
  • glw: Add UI Zoom reset (CTRL/CMD – 0) similar to most apps
  • glw/container_z: Pick constraints from first widget that has any cons… …
  • glw/style: Make styles recompute statements that depends on UI scaling
  • Revert “glw: If weight < 0.1, never autofocus widget"
  • glw: Include widget ID in glw_get_path()
  • glw: Add autofocus limit attribute …
  • This makes it possible to make peremiters in the view tree that automatic focus are not allowd to cross
  • glw/deck: Initially block all childs from focus
  • glw: Add style support for generic attributes
    > alpha, blur, weight, width, height and focus_weight

  • glw/text: Recompute constraints when padding changes
  • glw: Add style support
  • glw: Store parent specific per-item info after widget data
  • glw: style wip
  • glw: Substitute gc_set_font with an attribute
  • glw: Rearrange glw_t to save a few bytes
  • glw: Add attribute noFocusBlocking
  • glw: Add focus() method that focus given id
  • glw/navigation: Add some commented out debug helpers
  • glw: Make it possible to intercept events before they are passed to glw_navigate
  • glw: If weight < 0.1, never autofocus widget
  • glw/navigation: Be a bit smarter when descending into focused childs …
    If nothing is focused we search using glw_{first,last}_widget which skips over hidden widgets. Also make sure the orientation matches when we consider jumping to the last widget.

  • glw/container: Improve debug output a bit
  • event: Add missing action map (ZoomUIReset)
  • glw: Fix wrap navigation
  • glw: Make it possible to build without glw settings
  • media: Add comments to media.h
  • linux: Fix build fallout
  • glw/video: Set default values if compiled without MEDIA_SETTINGS
  • ps3: Include video widget in unlocked rendering
  • media: Add missing files media_event.?
  • media: Remove pointless forward declarations
  • cosmetics: Remove trailing whitespaces
  • media: Split event handling to a file of its own
  • media: More refactoring
  • media: Move media_track_mgr to media_track.h
  • media: Split codec stuff to a file of its own
  • media: Split out media_buf -stuff to media_buf.[ch]
  • media: Split media_queue specific things out to media_queue.c
  • media: Get rid of per-media_pipeline courier (use global dispatch)
  • prop: Correctly handle NULL PROP_TAG_LOCKMGR
  • prop: Fix queue messup in global dispatch
  • playqueue: Stub playqueue_ functions if playqueue is not built in settings: Add SETTING_LOCKMGR varg
  • media: Make it possible to compile without media settings
  • media: Match mp_create() with mp_destroy()
  • media: Move media-settings to a file of its own
  • media: Get rid of the media stack
  • media: Merge mp_destroy into mp_release
  • media: Rename mp_ref_inc() / mp_ref_dec() to mp_retain() / mp_release()
  • Move src/media.[ch] into src/media/
  • media: Split mp_track_mgr into a file of its own
  • ps3: Support unlocked rendering
  • rpi: Fix build after recent changes
  • glw: Add VDPAU rendering back again after z-ordering broke it
  • glw: Fix incorrect texture binding
  • glw: Fix build on linux
  • video: Use prop_create_r() when appropriate
  • glw: Add propName() and propSelect()
  • propName() returns name of given prop
  • propSelect() issues a prop_select() on the given prop
  • prop: Fix compile when PROP_DEBUG is set
  • prop: Add helper to make link to selected iten in PROP_DIR …
    Use it on multiopt settings to be able to subscribe to currently selected value

  • glw/image: Fix broken shadow fix
  • glw: Add support for ‘em’ postfix to scalar values
    1em = $ui.size
    2em = $ui.size * 2

  • glw/image: Redraw texture if shadow attribute changes
  • glw: Simplify prop assignments inside block
  • glw: Make list widgets handle alpha attribute
  • glw: Make debug attribute draw wirebox around any element
  • glw: Add layoutFixedWidth and layoutFixedHeight attributes
  • glw: Revive cursor
  • osx: Remember window position and start app as active

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