Showtime Andreas Ă–man has released a new stable build of Showtime v4.8

Finally time for a new release just before 2014 ends. In total 183 issues have been filed and fixed

Major changes

  • Add support for streaming directly from bittorrent peer-to-peer network.
  • Improved HLS streamer, in particular better support for live streams and quicker adaption between bitrates.
  • New javascript engine for plugins ( which is actively maintained and offers much better support than Spidermonkey. Spidermonkey is now deprecated and will be removed for 5.0 so plugin authors are urged to port their plugins.
  • Major rewrite of user interface rendering code. This is a preparation for Showtime 5.0 which will sport a new user interface.

    Minor changes

  • It’s now possible to turn off automatic browsing of archives (ZIP and RAR) as folders.
  • It’s now possible to configure the amount of time Showtime skips when seeking backward and forwards. Settings available in settings -> video playback.
  • Since February 2014 (Showtime version 4.5.108), clearing metadata does not erase playcount, resume point, etc.
  • Update the ‘Clear metadata…’ -warning text to reflect this.

    Improve metadata lookup speed when using external sources such as, etc.

  • Add support for video panning during playback.
  • Improve User Interface when streaming from Tvheadend:
  • Added show description and name of next show to TV playdeck.
  • If a channel has an icon, display that instead of Display.png in list view.
  • Added tv show description to iteminfo view.
  • Sort channels based on channelNumber set in Tvheadend’s user interface.

    Ps3 specific

  • Fix interlaced h264 playback
  • Display HDD utilization in sysinfo overlay

    Raspberry Pi specific

  • Fix broken AV sync when streaming from Tvheadend

    Download it from the Brewology Store.

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