Showtime Andreas Öman has released a new test build of Showtime Testing v4.5.333.

Changes in 4.5.333

- Fix crash when playing MJPEG movies (recent regression)
- ps3: Include eth address in device id hash
- Improve traceprint to print source IP address
- Add usage tracker
- js: Avoid running multiple search queries in the same plugin
- navigator: Avoid duplicate pages next to each other in history …
- Update libav with fix for incorrect DVHS packet framing …
- Move libav specific stuff from video_decoder.c into libav.c
- vdpau: Get rid of a debug printf
- glw/video: Fix recent regression in VDPAU video display
- fix build breaks
- Make it possible to turn off video frame interpolation …
- Show if decoder is hw accelerated in status bar
- Remove trailing whitespace
- Fix broken rescan of /dev/event devices
- fa/smb: Fix use after free
- Rewrite VDPAU implementation. Now works again after libav10 upgrade.

Also use the VDPAU OpenGL interop GL extension to avoid X11 pixmap hacks.
The old hack would cause tearing on high res displays

New implementation also support mid-stream resolution switching and switching
back/forth between software decoding and accelerated decoding

- posix: No longer adjust stack size. It can screw up third party libs

PS3 specific changes in 4.4 (Stable release)

NTFS support. Both Read and Write (Finally!)
Ability to turn off system when video playback is completed
Use X button for Play/Pause

General new features

* Built-in FTP Server
* Automatic code page detection.
Showtime will guess the code page used for SRT files, etc based on language heuristics.
* FTP client support (Stream content directly from FTP servers)
* Ability to delete file and folders where applicable
* Custom background (via plugin)
* .sub (Microdvd) support
* Much improved support for loading subtitles from different locations
* Ability to activate/devative automatic metadata lookup per-folder
* Mark all items in folder seen/unseen
* On Screen Keyboard on systems other than PS3
* Subtitle position can be configured per movie

Download it from the Brewology Store.

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