IRISMAN aldostools has released IRISMAN v3.29.

Changelog 3.29 (Sep 15/2014)
- Game Options now loads faster and looks better
(The PIC1.PNG is not longer displayed by default as the background
picture. It caused delays and memory issues. It can be re-enabled via
- Added support to use any JPG/PNG image as background picture
(Browse to the image in File Manager, press X to view it in full screen and
press SQUARE to set it as background picture)
- Added option to display covers with/without box (SELECT+SQUARE)
- Added support for lastGAME SS [NPEA00374]
- Added 4.6x Cobra detection to avoid ODE patches on Habib’s CFW

UPDATE: About the error 80010017 “loading sprx_iso plugin” on 4.65 Habib Cobra v1.0… I have added a detection of smhabib Cobra for 4.6x to avoid the installation of the new Habib’s patches for ODE. BTW This error is not present on 4.65 Cobra by Joonie.

Changelog 3.28 (Sep 12/2014)
- Added Finnish language (thanks to jisola)
- Added support for multiMAN’s lastGAME and the new IRISMAN’s LastPlay
- Fixed freeze issue after unmount a ntfs device on File Manager using SELECT+SQUARE
- New mounted ntfs devices are now listed on File Manager
- Fixed last selected game when the item is on a ntfs device

Changelog 3.27 (Sep 8/2014)
- Fixed the new drm patch by Habib for 4.6x (it had a typo: a missing 01 in the patch)
(Includes the fix error 0×8001002B, same as 3.25+. I removed it in 3.26, but the black screens returned)
- Fixed the offset for the lv2 Memory Protection on 4.60/4.65 and now it’s enabled by default.
- Reverted the payload_460.c: Removed the fix_error function due I found it more difficult to port for future versions

    Supported CFW using mamba are:
    CEX: 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.31/4.40/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55/4.60/4.65
    DEX: 3.55/4.21/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55

HINT: If you get a black screen mounting games stored on USB, try resetting the USB bus (disconnect all the USB devices and plug again only the device containing the game that you want to play). Also try enabling the ‘BD Mirror‘ option found in the Game Options (JB folders only).

Source code repository:

Download it from the Brewology Store.

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P1T3R says:

There is small problem with File Manager (tested in version 3.13). I have NTFS0/PKG directory on the left panel and HDD0/PKG on the right panel. When I copy 1 file from NTFS0 to HDD0, then File Manager shows that HDD0 has 0.00 MB free space left and copying anything else isn’t possible. This happens until I change directory on the right panel.

July 20th, 2014 at 11:22 am

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