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PSChannel deroad has released PSChannel Brewology Version 1.03.

PlayStationChannel – an OpenSource Homebrew’s Store

The new version has several improvements.

Change log:
Security updates.
Added some server commands
Small bug fix
‘theme’ folder, moved inside the USRDIR folder
Author name will be displayed instead of the “Package” text
Added force update if an old version.

Download it from the Brewology Store.

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PSChannel deroad has released PSChannel Brewology Version.

PlayStationChannel – an OpenSource Homebrew’s Store

This is a software that deroad wrote to allow users to download homebrews directly on their ps3, without needing a pc. it’s like the Sony PS Store, but for Homebrews.

With the help of MonkeyMaximus (Admin of this website) this project became real and now everyone can enjoy all the homebrews around the network!

For Devs: To add/update your homebrew, please contact MonkeyMaximus on the Brewology forums for developer access.

Info about PSChannel

Ideated and entirely built by Deroad

You can find the source code here:

deroad will never request donation for this Homebrew.

If you paid it, you have been scammed.

Download it from the Brewology Store.

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multiMAN deank has released multiMAN v04.15.00.

* Updated PC application “ps3netsrv” to support fast folder-data retrieval
* Greatly improved loading of remote /net_host folders (up to 4096 entries in mmOS and 2048 in other modes)
* Greatly improved loading of remote Retro ROMs folders with covers
* Added support to access remote PS3 system in mmOS or in game modes via /net_host
– You can access all data of a remote PS3 to view/play photo/music/video files, transfer files/folders and load ISO games (PS3/PSX/DVD/BD) if used with Cobra CFW
* Added option in “Settings” – “Connect to Another PS3″ – it allows full remote control (screen/pad) of another PS3 running multiMAN 04.15.00 and later
* Added option in “Settings” – “Remote Access Permissions” (Disable/Files/Screen/Full) to restrict remote connnections to your PS3
* Added support for mmRAS – PC application by Aldo (aldostools) which allows remote access to your PS3 (screen/pad) while running multiMAN
* Screenshot feature in multiMAN (START+R2) will now save screens as JPEG.
The key features of this release:
* The improved PC ps3netsrv application allows much faster access speeds when retrieving data from folders in mmOS or when browsing photo/music/video/ROMs from remote /net_host. You can now browse a remote folder with roms+covers and it takes a fraction of the time it took before.
* The Remote Access feature allows you to connect to another PS3 anywhere in the world (be it in the other room or across the country) and copy files/folders, play Retro ROMs, view photos and play music and video files (after caching)
* The Remote Access Control (PS3) feature allows you to connect to another PS3 running multiMAN and view its screen and control it with your pad. It allows you to minimize the current session and work with your own PS3 (to transfer files to the remote PS3 for example) and then return to the other PS3.
* The Remote Access Control (PC) feature via aldostools mmRAS client allows you to connect to your PS3 (or any other PS3 around the world running multiMAN) from your PC.
* The option in “Settings” (Remote Access Permissions) allows you to configure the access to your PS3. You can completely “Disable” it, you can allow remote connections only to access your “Files”, you can restrict it only to remote control “Screen” or allow “Full” access for files and screen control.
* The Remote Access Control provides 960×540 resolution (it doesn’t depend on the remote PS3 resolution).
* To be able to use these features you have to configure your remote peers in “Settings” -> “Network Servers”.
* Any configured /net_host can be used for file access (PC and PS3) and for remote control (PS3)
* If you are connecting to a PC you must have ps3netsrv application running on the PC side
* If you wish to restrict access to your PS3 – change the setting in “Remote Access Permissions”
* If you wish to connect to another PS3 configured as /net_host – use the “Connect to Another PS3″ function in “Settings”
While connected to another PS3 you can ‘minimize’ the connection and work with your own PS3 and then resume the remote control. You will see the live minimized remote screen in the lower corner. To switch between local/remote control use [START]+[SQUARE]. To terminate a connection to a remote PS3 use [START]+[CIRCLE]. All other buttons you press will be sent to the remote PS3.

Download it from the Brewology Store.

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multiMAN deank has released multiMAN v04.14.00.

Changes related only to 4.20-4.30 CEX/DEX CFWs:

* BD-Mirror option now supports USB HDDs mounted as /dev_usb000 to /dev_usb127
* BD-Mirror option uses different approach now and doesn’t move the PS3_GAME folder of USB games and doesn’t modify the mount table
* After using BD-Mirror for USB games, the usb drive is still accessible in XMB (Video/Music/Photo/Saves)
* Improved disc-less support with BD-Mirror option enabled

USB Ports issues:
* When using more than one USB device mM will disconnect/reconnect them from/to the USB bus in the proper order
* This fixes games that crash when started from USB when multiple devices are connected

NTFS/PFS usage:
* It is now possible to use any NTFS usb drive without configuring its Vendor/Device IDs in USB.CFG
* When switching to NTFS/PFS mode use only one USB HDD connected (mM supports up to 2 partitions: FAT32+NTFS, NTFS+NTFS, FAT32+FAT32)
* To access the contents of NTFS drives use mmOS and /pvd_usb000 /pvd_usb001 (games from NTFS drives won’t show in other display modes)

* Better support for data CD/DVD/BD discs and improved “Enable Direct Disc Access” function
* Improved BD-Mirror function for games on internal HDD
* Games started from mmOS icons/shortcuts handle BD-Mirror/Ext.Game Data options properly
* Online update server updated (5320 PS3 game covers and 3420 PS1/PS2 game covers)
* Updated showTIME media player (for mM) to version 04.01.264

Install Package Files (standalone application):
* Supports split pkg files named in the following format:
filename.pkg.0 -> filename.pkg.63
filename.pkg.001 -> filename.pkg.064
filename.pkg.66600 -> filename.pkg.66663

* Upon launch/refresh the following folders are scanned:

* Updated stDISC application (better drive reset timing and support for 4.30CFW)
* Updated gameDATA, bdRESET and lastGAME applications to support 4.30CFW
* Updated showTIME media player (standalone) to version 04.01.264 (CEX/DEX)

Download it from the Brewology Store.
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multiMAN deank has released multiMAN v04.11.11.

* Added option in “Settings” – Fix Broken Blu-ray Movie Playback

The function will rewrite DRL/CRL hashes if there is a mismatch

and will fix “Playback Prohibited” error on 3.41/3.55/4.21/4.30 firmwares.

Option also available in control console via telnet to port 8080 (rcp vtrm / rcp vtrm update)

* Fixed option for fixing blu-ray playback to appear on 4.30FW


* Credits to graf_chokolo and glevand for all their work!


Thanks to @sumolx and @lynzoid for the suggestions, testing and feedback.

Happy birthday deank (11-11-12).


Download it from the Brewology Store.


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multiMAN deank has released multiMAN v04.08.01.




* Added support for 4.30CFW

* Added support for Standard and Hermes payloads for 4.30CFW

* Added support for BD-Mirror (external USB HDD) for 4.30CFW

* Updated 6 language files


Download it from the Brewology Store.


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multiMAN deank has released multiMAN v04.07.00.


04.07.00 (CEX)
* Added full support for BD-Mirror for games on internal HDD for 4.21CFW
* Added support for 4.21CFW CEX spoofed to 4.25
* Fixed an issue with loading PS1 disc backups
* Fixed some text typos and added translation for “temperature” strings
04.07.00 (DEX)
* Added support for “Shutdown”/”Restart” when PS3 is connected to a wired LAN (no PC req)
* Added support for activating BDEMU slots 5-10 without the need of a PC (PS3 will reboot after activation)
* Changed: “Retrieve BDEMU Game Titles” will only check slots 1-4. For best results use a PC with mmDM or rcp_bdemu.exe + LAN + ProDG
* Changed: Game list received by mmDM/rcp_bdemu will show empty slots as inactive
* Added support for 4.21CFW DEX spoofed to 4.25

NOTE: After October 10th, 2012 the online update feature of multiMAN will not be available for versions prior to 04.06.00

Download it from the Brewology Store.

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It is indeed a sad time. On the 21st of this month, Future US, the publication company Nintendo used for it’s extremely cherished “Nintendo Power” magazine, announced that it was stepping back from Nintendo Power. Nintendo reps have gone on to say that they will not be seeking another publication company to continue the printing Nintendo Power magazine.

Whether or not you are a fan of the magazine or ever opened the front cover, there is something about Nintendo Power that gamers have adored throughout the last 24 years. In a Nintendo Power magazine, you’d open the beautifully illustrated front cover to find incredible news about the latest trends in gaming. Everything from future releases, interviews with developers, tips and tricks, walk-throughs, Nintendo Power had it all. Inspiring a hopeful Nintendo fan base, gamers would look upon the pages of this magazine and be itching afterwords – dying in anticipation to play that hit new game or use the skills they’d learn to take on the boss of the level they were stuck on.

In a time before the internet reared its head, gaming publications gave an insight into what they could come to expect from a game or a developer, an insight they would otherwise never have. For example, when I was a young boy, I’d go to the store with my hoarded allowance money and look at all the video game cases. Back then, it was the case of the game that sold it. Only privileged children in my neighborhood were privy enough to have a subscription to Nintendo Power, easily making them the most popular child on the playground once or twice a month. There were few magazines to catch on with the younger market, and Nintendo Power aced it.

While it has previously been unclear as to how many issues of the magazine will be published from this point, a Nintendo representative has mentioned that December 2012 will be the last issue of the publication. It’s a sad day for gaming, indeed, but a day that was in the making since the inception of the internet.  I personally haven’t been subscribed to the magazine in years, but I know what I’ll be reading this next December when Nintendo Power’s last issue hits the stands.


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Been a while since you dusted off the old PSP? Perhaps you’re one of the die-hards that just won’t put it down. In either situation a coder named Acid_Snake has developed this little beauty to help ensure your PSP will last for years to come.

Included in this software you’ll find several different testing applications. There is an analog tester, a pixel fixer, a file sweeper that helps clear space in the NAND, and even a directory checker to make sure everything is in the right place.  If you are worried about getting back into the PSP scene or can’t be bothered remembering how badly you goofed up your NAND, catch the download link below from our downloads section.

[_Download: PSP Tools Beta 0.2_]

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multiMAN deank has released multiMAN v04.05.00.


* Added support for ZIP files (4GB ZIP filesize limit)

* Added support for extracting ZIP files in mmOS (unzip supports subfolders, too); User can enter the target folder name to extract the zip in.

— Unzip in the same folder: ([O]->Unzip Here)

— Unzip in a different folder: ([O]->Copy -> (go to a different folder) -> [O]->Unzip Here)

— Double-click a .zip file – extracts archive to TEMP location and opens target folder

—— TIP: To extract into current folder enter single dot . for folder name;

* Added support for installable ZIP packages when filename is in special format (double click on such special zip in mmOS):

— will prompt the user to install the contents in /dev_hdd0/GAMES/BLES12345/dlc folder

— -> will make mM enable WRITE access to dev_flash and install the contents of the .zip in /dev_blind/test (/dev_flash/test) folder (use with caution)

—— TIP#1: Special ZIP naming convention: prefix is “PS3″, “/” is replaced by “~”

—— TIP#2: This approach can be used to restore backups of /dev_hdd0/home or install patch-fixes or other data

* Added support for RetroArch 0.9.7 new cores – launching retro ROMs from “Retro” column

* Added support for launching retro ROMs in ZIP format from local or network locations (/dev_hdd0, /dev_usb***, /net_host*)

* Added support for new emulator cores:

— Mednafen’s PCE for PS3 (pce)

— Mednafen’s WonderSwan Color for PS3 (wsw)

— PRBOOM for PS3 (prb) (plays Doom, Doom II, Final Doom and other Doom IWAD mods)

— Gambatte

* Added new options in “options.ini” to define paths to new cores, roms and covers (pce, wsw, prb folders in ./ROMS and ./covers_retro)

* Added support for PIC1.PNG background images for local (internal HDD and external USB HDD) PS3 games in ISO format

* Added support for coverart for local PS3 games in ISO format

* Added support for game icons (ICON0.PNG) to mmOS Desktop shortcuts for local PS3 games in ISO format

* Fixed sort order of Game column when only PS3 games in ISO format are listed

* Fixed issue with Retro column (when detaching USB HDD while scanning for ROMs)


Download it from the Brewology Store.

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