For the new people – This is a Java Applet that will download homebrew or game updates you select directly to your PS3 by FTP. It is a Java applet so that it runs all ALL OSes and is always up to date when you visit.

Major Changes
- Search for Game Updates by Name (database is updated as people search for new games)
- Bug fixes – UI / Error Handling

- For those who would like proof that we can be trusted. We have been around making stuff since 2005. See . Also feel free to contact us.
- If you have any problems or feedback please let us know so we can make this better.

Special thanks to the Brewology crew for keeping the Homebrew updated (its a lot of work)!

Check it out here!

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Great job Monkey! I appreciate the hard work. Hopefully a successful downgrader comes out for the PS3 firmware so I can upgrade the hard drive in my 60gb and bring homebrew to it!

October 29th, 2010 at 7:04 pm

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