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xttl has updated his PS3 Doom port to version v0.03 recently. The new version brings 1080p and 720p support, various other resolution support, analog controls, and sound is now properly working.

v3 is now out. Sound effects should work pretty much perfectly now, there’s a simple launcher that will allow you to select an IWAD if you have multiple ones available (no PWADs yet, and the launcher menu only lists the first 10 IWADs it finds which can happen if you have duplicates of them on different storage devices) and in case an error happens after graphics have been initalized, you’ll see the error message on screen. (not just via ethernet debugging if enabled).

I also switched the license to GPLv2 now (the DOOM source is available both under GPL and under another license that basically disallows any commercial use of the work, but allows you to withhold your sources). I had no intention to not release sources anyway, and this allows me to use code from other GPL’d ports. The 720p scaler in use now is from Chocolate Doom (though adapted to work with true transparencies instead of faking them with palette lookup tables) and 1080i/p is done using a similar idea.

v3 supported screenmodes: 1920×1080 and 1280×720. 640×480 and 720×576 STILL DO NOT WORK. Sorry! If you want to force 720p mode when you have 1080i or 1080p available, hold TRIANGLE immediately after you select PS3DOOM’s icon from XMB and keep it held down until the launcher WAD menu appears. This is a workaround until I can figure out a way to query available video modes using PSL1GHT. I don’t just want to assume a particular mode is available, and PSL1GHT’s videoTest example just selects the same mode XMB is running in, which is always the highest resolution available.

You may want to force 720p because the scaler in 1080i/p is a bit slow. ;-)

I also changed the controls to analog now.

Download Doom from the Brewology Store or here

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By popular request the Brewology Store has gone multilingual. Try choosing the language of your choice in the top right corner. We are not currently translating everything. So if you see something you want translated. Please let us know here or on the forums!

ALSO I would like to make a call to all developers. If you would like to manage your own Homebrew (pkgs / images / author / author url / description / etc…) on the Brewology Store please sign up on the forums and PM me. I will give you access to an admin panel to manage your own homebrew.

If you aren’t a developer but want to help sign up on the Brewology forums and help with questions or PM me or PuppetMaster if you want to help with the Store.

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We have had a lot of updates in the last week that we haven’t posted up here. So here we go!

multiMan v1.09.04

01.09.04 – Background slide/animation uses PICPA.PNG (and not PICPL/PICPR.PNG) to save 8MB or memory.
01.09.04 – Source changes to compile with SDK 1.90 for older firmwares.
01.09.04 – Separate release for FW 1.90-3.40 (OSK not working in file manager)

Rogero Manager v7.5

7.5.0 – PS3_SYSTEM_VERSION detection improved + user confirmation on first boot.
- Improved detection Folder Games + Added different path options for all user-needs. 7.5.0 – Games Folder detection improved + different path options added for all user-needs.
- Settings Can Be Directly changed from Settings Menu (L2 + R2 + START method removed) 7.5.0 – Settings can be changed from Settings Menu Directly (L2+R2+START method removed)
- Added option to Disable Sound in the Settings wizard / menu. 7.5.0 – Added option to Disable Sound in the Settings wizard/Menu.
- Fixed Game Background image size to match Perfectly GUI. 7.5.0 – Fixed Game Background image size to perfectly match GUI .
- Check / Patch PARAM.SFO Much more stable now With The option to RESTORE anytime with [L1 + START]. 7.5.0 – Check/Patch PARAM.SFO much more stable now with the option to RESTORE anytime with [L1+START].
- Check file permissions & Games Eboot.bin Auto-fix/notify Etablissement on Game load. 7.5.0 – Check Games Eboot.bin file permissions & Auto-fix/notify if needed on Game load.
- Added check / notify about BR-Disc Not Present When loading games with non-Peek Poke payloads. 7.5.0 – Added check/notify about BR-Disc not present when loading games with non Peek-Poke payloads.
- Added check / notify about BR-Disc Not Present When loading games With Disc Required flag SET. 7.5.0 – Added check/notify about BR-Disc not present when loading games with Disc-Required flag SET.
- Current Game Selection now Will not Change When BR-Disc IS inserted / removed. 7.5.0 – Current Game Selection won’t change now when BR-Disc is inserted/removed.
- Update from version 7.4 to 7.5 IS recommended one-Because Of Stability Problems with v7.4. 7.5.0 – Update from version 7.4 to 7.5 is recommended because of un-stability problems with v7.4.

Cubicle Shooter v0.5

Improved frame rate.
The enemy count has been raised from 25 to 100.
Added movable chairs.
Added a loading screen.
Added running. Just hold down the left analog stick well moving forward to enable it. The camera does a nice wobble from side to side when your running.
Added camera zoom. Hold down L1 to enable the scope. Turning speed is a bit slower when zoomed in which makes it easier to aim at things in the distance.
Added a little bit of momentum / smoothing on the camera rotation. Its faster and more responsive then it is in Killzone 2 but it enough to make it feel smoother and it makes it a bit easier to make slight aiming adjustments.
Increased rate of fire again.
Corrected the width of the 2D elements (the on screen text and the reticule) to take into account the screens aspect ratio. The scope for the newly added camera zoom disregards this and stretches to fit the screen.
Once again game saving/loading has been updated to work with the new additions so your old game save wont work correctly.
By holding down triangle you can split the screen in two with the bottom half displaying whats behind you. Its a feature that I don’t really intend to leave it but its a test and a small first step towards split screen multiplayer.

PCE Emu v1.0

The PS3 gets some more emulator loving as homebrew dev Robert Broglia brings the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator, PCE Emu, to Sony’s homebrew-capable console. A port of Mednafen’s PC Engine emulation to Android, PCE Emu features “accurate emulation and high compatibility rate, zip file support, backup memory and save state support, and more.

Developer’s note:
PCE.emu is PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator written in C++ for Android, iOS and PS3. It uses the emulation backend from Mednafen and is built on top of the Imagine engine. The source is released under the GPLv3 license.

* Accurate emulation and high compatibility rate.
* Zip file support
* CD emulation via loading cue files, you must have a system card rom named syscard.pce in the same directory as your cue files.
* Cue files may use external audio tracks in Ogg Vorbis & Wav (PCM, ADPCM, etc) formats (not working on PS3 currently)
* Optional on-screen multi-touch controls in addition to keyboard controls (needs Android 2.1 for multi-touch)
* Backup memory and save state support, one auto-save and one manual slot for save states
* No user activation or other nonsense ;)

Get the latest homebrew with your PC using the PS3 Homebrew Manager or straight on your PS3 using our new Brewology Store!

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drizzt84 has released 1.03.01 as a fix to a bug in 1.03. His recommendation is to immediately upgrade and to not use Gaia v1.03.

Some bugs fixed in Weltall code. Upgrade as soon as possible and do NOT use V1.03! As Soon As Possible upgrade and do NOT use V1.03!

Get it from the Homebrew Manager here

Source: drizz84t

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For the new people – This is a Java Applet that will download homebrew or game updates you select directly to your PS3 by FTP. It is a Java applet so that it runs all ALL OSes and is always up to date when you visit.

Major Changes
- Search for Game Updates by Name (database is updated as people search for new games)
- Bug fixes – UI / Error Handling

- For those who would like proof that we can be trusted. We have been around making stuff since 2005. See . Also feel free to contact us.
- If you have any problems or feedback please let us know so we can make this better.

Special thanks to the Brewology crew for keeping the Homebrew updated (its a lot of work)!

Check it out here!

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This is an update to the PS3 Homebrew Manager. Below is some information for those not familiar with it.

This is a Java Applet that will download homebrew or game updates you select directly to your PS3 by FTP. It is a Java applet so that it runs all ALL OSes and is always up to date when you visit.

- Any OS that supports Java
- Java 1.5+

Major Changes:
- now allows you to search for and directly download PS3 game updates (more features around this coming)
- new administrator feature allows multiple trusted people to update, not just me. (so will be up to date quicker)
- a bunch of bug fixes

Check it out here

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Total_Noob, GEN team member has apparently finalized what will allow PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, pspgos owners to use their homebrew. There is no current release date to be announced but at least before Christmas. Something to note: This flaw is in PSP firmware 6.30 and 6.31 but is less stable which is why he is concentrating on 6.20.

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Build 4.3.7 (19-10-2010) – rev. number f2e3e0bef2
* There’s now a build for PS3s with firmwares below 3.41 (basically bigger than or equal to FW 1.92) and a build for PS3s with firmware 3.41.
* You can now switch resolutions inside the Settings screen – go from 480p to 720p or vice versa, hence the need for two builds (480p and 720p) eliminated. (Halsafar)
* Zipped ROM support (ZIP/JMA) (Squarepusher)
* Savestates are now compressed as well (NOTE: I don’t know what this will do to your pre-existing savestates. Try to back them up first – they’re inside the USRDIR folder of /dev_hdd0/game/SNES90000/)
* Menu looks a whole lot better now at both 480p and 720p; crappy font has been put out of commission. It’s now actually readable (Cmonkey69)
* Games that switch between SNES resolutions (Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret of Mana) are now both vertically scaled correctly – you don’t even notice the resolution switch anymore. This is only at 480p mode – in 720p mode you will notice the same effect as you did previously. This will be worked on. (Halsafar)
* A lot of settings got added to the Settings screen. For instance, it’s now possible (on most PAL games) to run them at 60fps by setting ‘Force PAL ROM to NTSC’ to ON. This won’t work for every game, however (most games after 1993 came with region protection), and it might even result in a crash because you’re doing something that is not deemed appropriate by either the SNES hardware or the emulator. A solution for PAL ROMs is worked on.
* You can return to a previous folder inside the ROM menu by pressing the CIRCLE button.

You can download it from our download section here or better yet get it from the PS3 Homebrew Manager!

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Release Notes:
- PS3 Homebrew Manager. Is an application to drop the latest Homebrew Apps / Games / Emulators / Utilities on your PS3.
- This is a bare bones version of what the goal of PS3 Homebrew Manager is. Check back often for releases.
- We are definitely missing many homebrew apps. Please feel free to tell us which ones to add on the forum.
To Do List:
- Make UI nicer. Especially on OSX.
- Ability to Patch already installed items vs full reinstall. (Useful for applications that would lose info otherwise)
- Handle applications that conflict (aka all the different managers).
- Build web interface for developers to update their own pkgs, information, website etc…
(Will build this if Developers tell me they want it. LMK via Forum / PM)
- Ability to transfer local supplementary files (Like for SNES9x).

- Lots more… but don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Check it out here.

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So, Total_Noob found a way to enable launching homebrew on the PSP via the XMB! If you guys were around the PSP scene to remember ChickHEN or even the HEN from the 2.XX era, then you’ll be familiar with the term HEN and what this kind of stuff this new exploit will allow. Currently, it works up to the 6.2 firmware and launches from HBL (homebrew loader) from the Patapon 2 or the Hot Shots demo from the PSN.

- ParitionCheck has a new structure, fixed (now you can load unpacked prxes), thanks to Davee!
- One patch of ModuleManager was not right, fixed (now you can run all homebrews), thanks to Davee!
- Added some systemctrl exports

Discussion: Here
Source 1: Here
Source 2: Here

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