Post Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:28 am

ERROR CODE 8002F147 on cfw4.82 reboot

I recently modded a fat type ps3 to add home brew. I had it successfully modded but was experiencing intermittent issues with multiman opening go nothing but a black screen. I also was successfully installing games but they were not showing up on the game menu. So I decided to try reinstalling to pup update and it got stuck in a boot loop.
I've tried every tried every trick I can find on any forum and still get error code 8002F147 in an endless loop. If I change out the hard drive it simply powers on with no video and powers back off. I followed another forum about reformatting the drive to ntfs and placing the ps3/update/pup file into it and tried following all of the steps involved. That did not work either. I'm looking for any solution short of needing a firmware flasher. I wisely backed up all data in advance.
Can some genius out there help me restore this hardware to working order? HELP. HEEEALP.