Post Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:41 am

Anyone interested in homebrew game-development in Java?

I just signed up here looking for other devs who might be interested in making homebrew games for PS3/PS4 using Java. I'm currently working on a proof-of-concept game to prove that it's absolutely possible to target PS3+PS4+Xbox One at the same time using the same source / executable / disc - because it's Java.
This is because those consoles all feature a Blu-ray player, and all Blu-ray players must run Java according to the specs. So you simply code your Java app and put it on a BD-R. (Or, if you have a CFW and multiMAN, you put the ISO in the BDISO folder, double-click it to mount it, and runs the game that way).
Here's an early YouTube preview showing my game running on a PS3.

I find this topic very intriguing, because of the whole "code once, run on multiple" thingy. Anyone else finding this interesting?