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6.31/6.35 Downgrader

Since I see crait isn't going to do it :evil: I'm going to have to make this news post myself.
Just yesterday I met up with Hellcat and Davee who were in the final stages of making their new signed downgrader. As it turned out I'd upgraded to 6.35 from 6.20 recently and needed to use it, imagine that co-incidence!

After waiting for Davee to give me binary to use I was more than happy to be testing their new downgrader, and I have to say. It worked 100%!

From the readme:
[What does it technically do?]
It uses the utility/power exploit to gain kernel access and reboots into the updater with a special PRX running. This PRX uses the pspdecrypt functionality to decrypt the updater PRX when needed. This allows the updater to boot in the newer firmwares.

So, in order to use this you need the official update for OFW 6.20 (SPECIFIC TO YOUR MODEL)

Installation is very simple:

Place the 6.20 update in X:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/
and extract the downgrader's folder into X:/PSP/GAME/

Why OFW 6.20?
Currently, 6.20 is the latest firmware we have full Kernel access on. This is the firmware you'll find the absolute most functionality on along with HEN TN-C.

Be sure to Donate to developers who's work helped you out, if you can.

OFW 6.20 UPDATE (1000,2000,3000,4000)
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