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Forum Rules


• Listed below are the forum rules that we expect our members to follow. If for any reason you feel that any action taken by any staff member, including administrators, was over-the-top, too harsh, or otherwise offensive, you are welcome to send MonkeyMaximus a question or appeal. For instance, if you create a topic that gets locked, you can appeal to MonkeyMaximus about the issue at-hand and solve that matter personally with him.

General Rules

• Choose an appropriate forum to post your topic/question by reading the descriptions of the forum first. These topics/posts cannot be titled with anything that is discriminatory against any ethnicity, race, gender, sexual preference, creed, religion, or people(s) otherwise not mentioned unless given permission beforehand by a moderator or administrator. Also, please give as much detail in your topic/question as possible. This addition of information will allow members to better understand your problem as well as give a more clear answer. Simply posting, "H3LP!%@#" may not help you get the assistance you need.

• Try not reply with any ridiculously off topic comments or questions unless the two topics mentioned flow together somewhat. Instead, start a new thread. This rule is only to be broken if you're making fun of myself, in which case, go however off-topic you feel necessary.

• User profiles, avatars, signatures, and other aspects of the forum may also not discriminate against any ethnicity, race, gender, sexual preference or creed unless specified by a staff member. Images considered obscenities or even non-obscene images, for whatever reason, may be removed by the staff at any time and the violator of this rule may be given a formal "Warning" from a staff member.

• Please do not lash out against any forum member. This is a friendly forum and there's no need to be upset. If you are upset about a particular member, send a private message straight to MonkeyMaximus. Fighting on the forums will not be tolerated and subject to the deletion of said users and topic. Sending a PM to MonkeyMaximus may result in an error, but don't worry because it still goes through.

• Do not double post. Posts that are made consecutively after one another are subject to deletion. Use the edit button!

• Do not beg for "thanks".

• Do not talk directly to airplanes about anything that isn't pro-sony or pro-linux. We can't be held responsible for anything that may result.

• Linking directly to pirated content is strictly prohibited. Discussion of torrent and P2P programs are allowed, and links to official download sites for torrent programs are acceptable, but linking directly to a torrent or where to obtain pirated commercial games, movies, or torrents themselves, will not be tolerated. Torrent sites and other websites that host content like movies, games, and pictures, usually also host many files which are legal, therefore it's ok to link to those main websites.

• Links to legal torrents, software, games, movies, or other media are allowed.

• Links to referral sites are not allowed.

• Links to content which require you to sign up for a service or activity to another site that requires a fee (up front, hidden, or that charges money in any way, shape, or form) are not allowed. If the site does not infringe on this rule, it is acceptable.

• Links/Posts of where to obtain illegal substance(s) is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, posting of where to get the substance(s) or the website of where the substance(s) can be found.

• Pornography will not be allowed. As this site primarily has minors, linking to a porn site, referring to a porn site, or uploading a picture to the forums will NOT be tolerated. If such actions do occur, the staff will follow up with what they deem necessary. This may include a permanent ban of any account(s) involved.

• Do not rick roll or anything similar. Your post/thread is subject to deletion without notice.


• There will be no advertising on the forums. If you would like to advertise on our site, you may contact any of the moderators or administrators via pm and we will discuss an appropriate contract with you or your company.

If you notice a post(s) that violate the rules mentioned, please report it to our moderators instead of taking it on as your own responsibility to correct said violator. We are open to constructive criticism and user input as to how we can better our forum, so if you have a comment or suggestion, please inform a staff member!

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