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Hey folks, about 1 week shorter than usual, the fabulous joek2100


had released v0.3a of his mP3 module for 2.71 "Special Edition" firmware. Today he comes back with his mp3 module and its updated to v0.3b!

From, a quick and easy installation method:


"To install: 1) Copy Install and PSP folders to the root of your memory stick. 2) Run UMFR2 For GAME mode and/or UMFR2 For VSH(XMB) mode depending on where you want the module to be loaded."

Heres the changelog:
  • Added an independent volume button
  • Should startup faster
  • Made the on screen display stay on when Note + Square is pressed
  • Added volume and filename to the on screen display


[ MP3 Module v0.3b ]


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Brighten those teeth up folks at home, because you\’re gonna need a good smile on you\’re face once you see this new firmware! Although theres a bug on it, 3.01 is set for tommorrow or any time soon, but heres what you can expect to see once you have upgraded you\’re current firmware to 3.00 firmware!

PSP Playstation 1 Emulator

A lot of people would save this "best for last" in their opinion, but this just has to be said first!
You have waited, but by the time you finish reading this, you will be sadly dissapointed.
Sony Corporation has now dropped the Playstation 1 Emulator onto us thankfully, but from the manual, looks like if you don\’t got a PS3, then this is no use to you. Pretty expected with the new gen wars and all, but avoidably, definitaly tearful. You\’re going to have to connect to the PS Online Sony store with you\’re PSP, while its connected to the PS3 for the use to download/buy you\’re PS1 games. Thanks from for the addition update, but you will be able to share the games along with it, as long as you have connectivity with you\’re PS3 Network Account.

Remote Play +Addition

With this new feature addition installment, Sony has allowed you to play your PSP to wirelessly controll the PS3! It even lets you see (get screen function) from the PS3, onto you\’re PSP remotely! How cool is that? Although it requires you for the settings on you\’re network, it shouldnt be too hard now should it?

"Using this new mode of playback, one can control the Photo, Music, Video, and Internet Browser features of a PS3 from a remote location, vie their PSP."

Video Compatibility

In 3.00, there is now a choice to use the M-JPEG Motion video format! You can check some more info on M-JPEG the new video format at \"Smile\" It will also be playing PCM and the μ-Law versions for M-JPEG vidoe formats.

Also, thanks again from for the addition on this, the Camera will now be functionally viewed from the Photo Option Menus, for easier access prior taking photos or videos.
Auto play will also be able to be enabled, or disabled.

You can download this new extraordinary environment software 3.00, from the download link below!

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As we all know, the PS3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii are all out now. Our very ouwn Yunoko has provided me with these counters that are originally from




Go HERE for my official thread.

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