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As the annual Apple hardware event is coming increasingly near, more and more mockups are being leaked showing off purported two different iPhone models coming this fall. The past couple of months have shown the 4.7-inch iPhone in the usual Apple-esque colors, with rumors of an even larger iPhone following shortly behind. Apparently the 5.5-inch is now also in production, with more leaks surely to come.

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Saurik has just recently pushed an updated version of his popular Cydia Installer for jailbroken iOS devices. With the update comes increased performance and an updated UI and icon for iOS 7.

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The main issue with any iOS device is the lack of originality between two devices. Without a case, which thus ruins the artistic design the masterful Jonathan Ive sculpted, or, say, your specific layout of the icons on the homescreen, two devices are almost indistinguishable at a glance. With Springtomize2, this problem is now in the past. Springtomize allows the customization of any basic feature of iOS, including animations, the dock, lockscreen, notification center, and much, much more.

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Music Banner is an all new jailbreak tweak. From the same developer who brought you the sought after Activator, RetinaPad, and Full Force, his new project Music Banner tweaks the notification bar to give you an iOS 5 style turntable of your Now Playing music.

Compatible: iOS 5 iPhone, iPod, and iPad
Source: BigBoss Repo

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In a slight change of lineup, HTC has now sued Apple for patent infringement. Their claim is that Apple is infringing on several patents that are in use on Apple’s i*ods, i*ads, i*hones, and their wide range of computers (did HTC patent glass?!?). Is this not becoming more and more ridiculous? HTC has not released information on which specific patents Apple is infringing, but we are sure the legal docs shall be released eventually.
What’s even better is that HTC is seeking to ban the sale of these products in the entire US. Excuse me but, “zOMG!” Someone in Washington needs to give all these companies a good spanking for all this craziness. Rest assured, if HTC has a case, this will make national news. Even more news worthy is if they win and Apple has to stop selling their products. Could you imagine that?

This is what happens when Karma Hits you. Lets Hope HTC Wins, Showing Apple that they cant bully their way back to the top.

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Wow, that was fast. Apple has just released an update to their newest Mac Operating System, Lion. In this update, Mac users can expect general bug-fixes that will be sure to bring happy customers- especially at the paltry 17.4MB file size.

From the Update-
The 10.7.1 update is recommended for all users running OS X Lion and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability and compatibility of your Mac, including fixes that:

- Address an issue that may cause the system to become unresponsive when playing a video in Safari
– Resolve an issue that may cause system audio to stop working when using HDMI or optical audio out
– Improve the reliability of Wi-Fi connections
– Resolve an issue that prevents transfer of your data, settings, and compatible applications to a new Mac running OS X Lion

UPDATE: New Macbook Airs and Mac Minis get additional updates.

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The latest iPod Nano leak from China shows that the next small touch-screen device from Apple will also include a camera? Cool, perhaps, if someone can find a good use for it. Of course, with all leaks, we are still unsure if this is true or not and there will be no way to know until the device is officially announced and shown off by Apple. However, the people ‘leaking’ these photos are the people who showed off the first iPod Nano with a touch-screen, so it is very plausible that this is real. And knowing Apple, they always ‘are limited by hardware designs’ to include a camera in the first iteration of any of their devices. (A la iPad or any other Apple product.)

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Oh, wow! This is no April Fool’s Day joke! Just hours ago, a user of Microsoft’s developers forum by the name of Kit3Katz has found and released information on a folder on Microsoft’s XBox website’s server! All that was in the directory an few corrupted images, two green banner images, and this image!
I just checked 20 minutes ago, and the fie was still on their servers and able to be accessed at this link:

Unfortunately, the directory has been removed and all that remains are a few back ups! But here is the new XBox 720!! No files in that directory contained any information on specs, but it is widely believed that it will be announced and released alongside Windows 8 as it contains many cross-platform system structures.
Looking at the games depicted, there is definitely Gears of War, but the other three games are yet to be identified. Also, notice that no disc tray is visible! Perhaps Microsoft is going to go the way of the PSP Go!? Or will it take on the challenge presented by its new slogan of, “Become a legend” ??

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The 4.3 iOS beta gives iPad users a nifty new feature- Four and Five Finger Multi-Touch! Wild speculation of every single way this will be used in Apps- activated.

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The title says it all. iOS 4.3 conveniently allows iPad users to choose what their Side Switch does. Now, everyone can calm down.

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