As promised at the 2013 Entertainment Expo, and officially unveiled at this year’s E3 less than a week ago, the fan-favorite military sci-fi series Halo will continue this Holiday Season. Coming November 11, 2014, Xbox One owners will once again be able to relive the classic Halo journey with all improved graphics and multiplayer running on each game’s original engine all on One console.

The collection includes all 100 multiplayer maps from the 4 Master Chief oriented Halo games, each running at 1080p/60fps for the first time. In addition, 6 Halo 2 maps will be given the complete Anniversary treatment, rebuilt upon a new Xbox One Engine.

For those who love the Halo Campaign story, 343i has included every campaign mission unlocked, including newly created terminals in Halo 2 to help introduce story elements for the upcoming Halo 5.

for In-game screenshots
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Oh, wow! This is no April Fool’s Day joke! Just hours ago, a user of Microsoft’s developers forum by the name of Kit3Katz has found and released information on a folder on Microsoft’s XBox website’s server! All that was in the directory an few corrupted images, two green banner images, and this image!
I just checked 20 minutes ago, and the fie was still on their servers and able to be accessed at this link:

Unfortunately, the directory has been removed and all that remains are a few back ups! But here is the new XBox 720!! No files in that directory contained any information on specs, but it is widely believed that it will be announced and released alongside Windows 8 as it contains many cross-platform system structures.
Looking at the games depicted, there is definitely Gears of War, but the other three games are yet to be identified. Also, notice that no disc tray is visible! Perhaps Microsoft is going to go the way of the PSP Go!? Or will it take on the challenge presented by its new slogan of, “Become a legend” ??

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As always, it is fun to speculate future game system specs and designs. Well here is a list of 10 Xbox 720 designs compiled at Interestingly enough, there seem to be quite a few handheld system mock ups. With the lack of console-based designs, here is a second image that shows several mock-ups that can be found over at

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Over at Platform Nation, Mitchel Broussard wrote an article discussing his griefs and nuisances with Microsoft’s newest motion-sensing technology.

After consumers have had their hands on Kinect for a bit of time, I think most users generally fall into this method of thinking. Paraphrased, Mitchel mentions that the Kinect technology is under-developed and more of a gimmick than it leads people to believe.

Kinect, for those of you that don’t know, relies on a camera to detect body movements as controller inputs. You can use Kinect in the main menu of the Xbox 360 and in games that support it, even opening Netflix with it, but there are some implied ground-breaking developments that might just end up costing more money than they are worth.

Consider this. Mitchel notes that first or third-party peripherals for the Kinect technology may end up wasting money and space for storage. He shows an inflatable “Game Boat” which states on the package that it is “Ideal for Kinect Adventures”. The real question is, no matter how fun or even amazing a game could possibly be with an inflatable boat add-on, how much would it cost, but more importantly, how many games will be released in the future with “Wii-like” peripherals that take up space, time, and effort to setup before playing? Going to play a tennis game? Why not pick up a tennis racket peripheral. Going to play a boxing game? What about boxing gloves? The potential to sell a product, a video game, without bundled peripherals to enhance gameplay means that the end-consumer would need to possibly shell out more and more money to get the “full experience”.

Mitchel rants a bit further, and his comments about single and multiplayer experiences with kinect are pretty strong. If you want to play a single-player game, you must be at least 6 feet away from the camera for it to be able to accurately detect motion input. If you want to play multiplayer, you’re looking at a minimum of 8 feet that both you and your partner must place yourselves from the camera. This begs the question, how many users have that much room in their “gaming area”? Not everyone, that’s for sure.

So just how practical is Kinect? I’m a bit on the fence about this personally, but leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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So the folks at Gamrfeed have published a few nice charts showing the sales numbers from ‘07-’10 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii. More interesting than those numbers, perhaps, are the market share numbers.

Truthfully, the Playstation 3 is beginning to see better days. We already know that Sony expects the Playstation 3 to be a 10-year console, but I’m not too sure even Sony is convinced of that after giving these charts a once-over. Very interesting stuff!

Since the charts aren’t the best when uploaded to Wordpress, make sure to click the source link if you’re interested in seeing theirs.

[Source: Gamerfeed]

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Microsoft is getting ready for Kinect that will be out on November 4th with its annual fall update. For a few lucky people, they are recieving their updates a lot earlier than most others. The additions to the dashboard are mostly those covered at the past E3 like ESPN support, Zune music, a lot of chatting features and finally a Netflix search, but like always, the biggest part of the updates are always the new UI. (In this case, the menu seems to be reorganized. Not as drastic as the first update.)
Some other things that it includes is viewing movies with friends, a better avatar editor and a web browser.
Just kidding about the new web browser. The 360 still doesn’t have one of those.

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