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Yes folks, the fabled Verizon iPhone, the one that many believed would be available only once some far away planets aligned and sacred offerings to Mr. Steve Jobs himself were made, has finally became a reality.

Not much has changed since the “original” iPhone 4 became available to AT&T wireless customers last June, but the two noteworthy additions/changes is the inclusion of the Wireless Hotspot feature coming preloaded (at an additional charge mind you..) on the device and a button or two being shifted to accommodate the new antenna design. Though not official, speculation has ensued that the Antenna Design has been modified breaking way for a better signal- mostly to avoid the debacle caused by the antenna problems in the first few days after the initial release. Besides these few things, the same A4 chip, Retina Display, 512MB of RAM is still included in the same iPhone package many have came to know and love.

Phone Pricing:
The iPhone 4 will be priced per usual at:
$199 for a 16GB version
$299 for a 32GB version

Many have probably gotten this far into the read and are thinking “Why would I choose this iPhone over the other”. Although each provider has more prominence throughout each parts of the country, their plans are now different. Verizon offers the unlimited 3G Data Pack at $30 extra a month, while AT&T offers a capped 2GB a month. Keep this in mind as you purchase any device in the upcoming months really.

*UPDATE* It seems there is no preloaded crapware…erg, “Verizon Apps”… on the the device according to a hands on review by the Engadget crew. Kiss VCast and VZ Navigator goodbye!

UPDATE #2 Current Verizon customers will be given the option to preorder and receive an iPhone 4 on February 3rd on a first come first serve basis.

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The team at Brewology hopes that everyone had a safe and joyous Christmas yesterday, Kwanzaa today, and even a great week of Chanukah, earlier this month. We are glad you’re visiting this site and hope to continue giving back to you!

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Hey! You have a Facebook and want to be closer than ever with us? Well, head on over to our group page! It’s not much now, but soon, we’ll be providing a bunch of exclusive content through it, quick updates, and a bunch of other stuff!
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Not ony is this game looking really good, but it actually looks fun. I think that the most important thing is that Dead Rising for the iPhone will be that it will be released before the holiday season of this year!
Unfortunately, you will be needing a 3GS or iPhone 4 to play this game and most likely the latest update of iOS. Resident Evil is $5, Street Fighter is $10, so you can bet that this will not be a 99 cents game.

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Ever since Sonic Advanced for the GBA, I’ve been really wanting another classic, side-scrolling Sonic game. Sonic created a new genre of face-paced gameplay, but Sonic’s strayed away from what it was to try to morph into the third dimension. Unfortunately, he didn’t particularly cope well with that.
Well, the Sonic Team has decided that Sonic 4 will be the next Sonic game, how it was meant to be and by the looks of it, it looks like it will fit in perfectly. It will be coming to the iPhone, and then to the Wii, PS3, and 360.

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iSuppli has tore apart the a fully loaded AppleTV to reveal that it costs Apple just less than $64 in parts. Considering it retails for $99 its quite a steep markup. Take a look at the parts below.

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Apple has allowed Google to offer its Google Goggles visual search app to the iPhone. Google Goggles attempts to make search picture based. Instead of typing up your search you take a photo of what you want to search and Google gives back its search results. If Google pulls this off its interesting to think of how many opportunities the search giant will have. Pretty neat idea, huh? We are going to try putting the app to a test and see how Google did. We tried: a book, a hat, a can of beans, a bottle of wine, and a xbox controller and lastly a picture of a picture from Vietnam. While the picture from Vietnam didn’t get any results (not ideal conditions) the rest got relevant results! Take a look.

To download it search for “Google Mobile App” in the iPhone App Store.

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TinyUmbrella is saying that because of the USB ports in the back, he’s already hacked the Apple TV and backed everything up. This means that you’ll be able to downgrade yours in the future. He also stated to jailbreak the new device, all you’d have to do is download the updated jailbreaker (yet to be released) and run it from your PC or Mac. Sounds pretty cool.
In other news,  Erica Sadun took a look at Apple TV’s disk image and said that the iPad may be getting a lowtide UI for whenever it connects with AirPlay to the Apple TV. This means that in future updates, the iPad will have a similar UI to the Apple TV whenever it streams content from it. Well, this means that a lot of code was left in there for the UI to be ran on any other iOS devices, including the iPod Touch. In fact, it’s already been ported over! Take a look at this video by Dustin Howett:

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“Today, MuscleNerd posted on his Twitter that the latest firmware has now been confirmed to be exploitable by a new exploit from pod2g that involved modification of the boot ROM. Looks like it’s confirmed not only for the iPhone 4, but also the newest iPod Touch that I posted about earlier, and the iPad. Right now, there is no user-friendly means of jailbreaking the new firmware for the public, but I’ll stay on the look-out for it and post when it comes out.” -crait

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With Apple’s new release of iOS 4.1 comes what seems to be a fix for the 3G users problems with updating to 4.0. Other updates include:

-Game Center
-iTunes TV Show Rentals
-iTunes Ping
-HDR Photography
-HD Video Uploads

Check out the changelog for the rest of the official updates. Also this update is available to 4G, 3GS, and 3G users but not every phone will be able to use all of the updates.

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