Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata

Just how ambitious is Nintendo planning to be with their latest hand-held masterpiece? Very, to say the least. Before the console has been launched, Iwata recently said, “When we launch Nintendo 3DS, it will probably be the first 3D device to be sold in a significant volume in the mass market. An increasing number of people will see business opportunities by looking at Nintendo 3DS from that perspective. Nintendo does not have any intention to exclude such possibilities if they come to us with their proposals.”

Iwata seems to be on the right track with this one. It’s easy to understand that many companies may see potential in the vast market share that Nintendo usually has over the hand-held market. Besides market share, take into perspective exactly what the Nintendo 3DS will mean to the gaming industry as a whole. This will more than likely be the first mainstream 3D device in most markets around the world to actually have a solid niche in the market, particularly because it doesn’t require 3D viewing glasses/ goggles. The 3DS will have a unique opportunity for the film industry to capitalize on which could potentially lead to an increase in 3D films or variants specifically for viewing on the 3DS.

Iwata is saying this in light of being questioned about streaming movies and television shows to the 3DS. Nintendo is ambitious, that’s for sure, and it looks like they’re going to try and capitalize on the hand-held market in a way that they’ve never done before.

[Source: Game Adrenaline]

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