The man responsible for opening home brew on the iPhone and the PS3 is being bullied by Sony and needs a world class legal team; Unfortunately, that means MONEY.

Sony has five lawyers and poor George only has two. He needs three more to even things out, and that is where you come in.

If you have benefited from his work (ie – modded your PS3) then go to his site: and donate whatever you can even if it’s $5 for legal tender.

George estimates he needs around $10,000 to win the case; Winning the case means that YOU will always have the right to have home brew on current and future consoles. Every dollar helps, I will send what I can as often as I can and you should too. Any funds left over once the case is settled will be donated here. If you feel you can not donate financially you can still help by spreading the word and passing on the donation link.

Sony only wins if good people sit around and do nothing.

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