deank has released multiMAN v04.18.04 update.


04.18.04 (2012-01-15)
* Fixed a bug introduced in mM 04.17.00: mM skipping 1-letter filenames (x.yyy) when copying folders
* When on-screen-keyboard (OSK) is used and user cancels the entry mM will not accept the entered text
* Created proper ring-buffer for mp3 playback which should mean no more glitches/pauses of the music
* Restored support for GLC3.PNG for themes in 8×4 mode
* Increased screenshot JPEG quality to 90% and 1MB buffer size
* Toolbox/IPF from /app_home will be activated when you quit mM with {PS} button on 4.30 Rogero CFWs

The bug about skipping 1-letter filenames is present in versions 04.17.00/01/02/03/04/05, 04.18.00/01/02/03 so if you’re on one of these versions deank strongly suggests that you update to 04.18.04. Thanks to GotIt4Free for sounding the alarm.

* Changed method for scanning of control-info for eboot.bin/self/sprx files
* [* Install Package Function] won’t allow adding the same PKG twice and allows ‘deselecting’ when “Standard” method is used

There are some other changes/improvements, too.

p.s. Have in mind that the change/fix for checking if games require higher firmware will make mM scan (“Verifying data…”) your games at least once.
Download it from theĀ Brewology Store.


Download multiMAN ver 04.18.04 UPD (20130115).zip (5.78MB)

Includes CEX, DEX and STEALTH updates.

Update is also available online for download directly from multiMAN.

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