RetroArch Themaister/TwinAphex have released RetroArch v0.9.8.3.

* [FBA core] Various changes/fixes

- Hook up Armed Police Batrider controls

- Afterburner – make fire buttons work

- Hook up Bad Dudes controls

- Hook up Cyberbots controls

- Hook up 1942 controls

- Add missing Chase HQ controls

- Add missing WWF Wrestlefest controls

- EEPROM save should now work (tested with EEPROM-based system such as Capcom CPS2)

- Samples are now looked for – should be in ’samples’ subdirectory

- Hiscore files should now be read from/written to.

* [SNES9x Next] Added big speed hack for Star Fox 1 – makes it fast enough for it to run at fullspeed on the Wii.

* [Genesis Plus GX] Set samplerate back to 44Khz.

* [Android] New ‘Calibrate Refresh Rate’ option – use this to get an accurate estimation of your screen refresh rate. NOTE: Touch the screen at all times during calibration for more accurate measurements. You might have to slightly tweak the value later on for the best results.

* [Android] Added a ‘Set OS-reported refresh rate’ which should do the same as what ‘Sync refreshrate to Screen’ previously did. Note 2 users might get better results with this than they will with ‘Calibrate refresh rate’.

* [Android] Added a built-in help system that should answer a lot of the frequently asked questions.

* [Android] Add iCade profiles – two added for now – iPega and Red Samurai

* [Android] Audio resampler now faster

* [Android] Input autodetection expanded -

* [CONSOLES] Audio resampler is now adjustable – can choose between Sinc resampler (new) and Hermite resampler (old). Sinc is now selected by default, is superior audio-quality wise and will fix a lot of sound issues.

* [PS3] Save Preset fixed

* [PS3] Starting with Dual Shader/Custom Scaling mode OFF and then turning it ON works now

* [Wii] Numerous Wii video mode fixes – including PAL modes that went beyond the internal framebuffer bounds

- PC2JAMMA-USB (needs to be tested)

- Genius MaxFire G-08XU

- Zeemote Steelseries

- Saitek Rumblepad

- Super Smart Joy

Download it from the Brewology Store.

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