PS2 Classics Manager CaptainCPS-X has released PS2 Classics Manager v1.02.

Main Features (Quick List)

- Set PS2 converted games active in PS2 Classics Placeholder

- Encrypt valid PS2 ISO(s) / BIN(s) as PS2 Classics and automatically patch LIMG segment (no need for anything else, just the ISO / BIN)

- Import External PS2 games (ISO / BIN / ENC). Split games supported (.ISO.66600 / .BIN.66600 / .ENC.66600)

- Game List with display of Cover images, Information box, Title ID, Title acquired from a text DB and more.

- Memory Cards manager to easily switch between your collection of VME, and assign them as SLOT 1 or SLOT 2.

- Automatic export / decryption of the active Memory Cards to XMB->Memory Card Utility as VM2.

…more at the change log. 

Download it from the Brewology Store.

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