CookieClicker-Vita Creckeryop has released CookieClicker-Vita version 0.1 for the PSVita.

It’s a Cookie Clicker game made on LUA (lpp-vita by @Rinnegatamante)
* Long Numbers (thanks to lpp-vita)
* Buildings until Prism
* Design more looks like a browser version
* Buy and Sell Buildings, (1/10/100)pcs
* Save Loading(save file is in the ux0:/data/ folder called ccsave.sav)
* You can use Sensor or Left/Right analog to move Buildings or Buttons
* Press triangle to click Cookie or touch it
* To reset data press Square+Triangle
* Touch Buy Sell to change mode

Download CookieClicker-Vita from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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