ONEMenu for PSVita Team ONElua has released ONEMenu for PSVita version 1.01 for the PSVita.

### Changelog 1.01 ###
Please update your translations…Two new lines were added:

*PGF Font*
*PVF Font*

- [FIX] Incorrect display of LiveArea app names.

- [FIX] PS Button lock when using FTP and USB mode.

- [FIX] Some errors in the internal code.

- [FIX] Standard format month/day/year.

- [NEW] Support to change the type of font (PGFPVF) in advanced options.

- 3 added shortcuts:

- L + R + Up: Restart ONEMenu.

- L + R + Down: Restart PSvita.

- L + R + Square: Shutdown PSvita.

Download ONEMenu for PSVita from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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