ONEMenu for PSVita Team ONElua has released ONEMenu for PSVita version 2.00 for the PSVita.

### Changelog 2.00 ###
- Icons and games list loading time reduced everytime Onemenu is started.

- New categorie “Favorites”.

- “Favorites” section at advanced submenu.

- Categorie PS Vita games/homebrews got separated into “PSVita” and “Homebrews Vita”.

- PSP and PSX content unified into one categorie : “Retro Games”.

- Lines added to english_ux.txt …Dont forget to update your translations.

- Now your avatar icon gets downloaded to ux0:data/onemenu so it can get loaded offline.

- Images PSP.PNG y PS1.PNG got eliminated and instead the image RETRO.PNG has been added for the categorie PS Retro games (for PSP and PS1 games).

- Added the image HBVITA.PNG for Homebrews PSVita categorie.

- Added two lines on the theme ini file :

COUNTCOLOR to print the folder/file count in the file explorer.

CBACKSBARCOLOR to draw the bars in the callbacks section.

Download ONEMenu for PSVita from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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