bookr-mod-vita pathway27 has released bookr-mod-vita version 0.1.0 for the PSVita.

Changed project to GPLv3 and replace old mupdf with upstream fork of 1.12.0
Note: Statically linking MuPDF has made binary significantly bigger
CMake will pull and build mupdf via git; due to size

Rendering all documents handled by MuPDF; needs testing
BKMUDocument class replacing old PSP bkpdf to handle all of MuPDF accepted files
Page traversal using Triangle and Square, D-Pad panning Only Vertical for now
Added more specific definitions for rendering
Can pan using analog left stick now
Banner shows page loading and page number on change
Add debug flags only on Debug build type; Add accepted files to logo
Fix for crash due to GPU memory leak: free-ing texture before drawing page

Visual Studio & Desktop
include dependencies now auto fetched
Shared libraries and binary output in same dir.

Download bookr-mod-vita from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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