PSV VSH Menu joel16 has released PSV VSH Menu version 1.20 for the PSVita.

As of version 2.0 and above you will require a dependency plugin to be always enabled. (a modified (lighter) version of kuio.skprx is provided. Kuio was originally developed by Rinnegatamante) — [Instructions are on the bottom of the](

- Fixed empty config files with Cart/PSN games. This fixes the issue where things were not able to be modified under many games.
- Fix clock states not being properly saved when clock state was the only thing modified.
- Reload config when button combo is entered.
- VITABattery’s fully integrated as a toggle. You can now toggle battery percent, hours remaining and temp.
- Quick launcher now has 5 modifiable slots. (Once the launcher.cfg file is generated in ur0:/data/vsh/launcher.cfg, feel free to change the title and title IDS to your preference. Keep in mind you can’t use spaces for the title’s name and you can’t go above 5 (0-4) slots in the meantime.)
- Major src clean up.

The button combo to open the VSH menu is: **L + R + START**

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Download PSV VSH Menu from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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