USBMC yifanlu has released USBMC version 5 for the PSVita.

* Added support for 3.65/3.67 (thanks The_FloW)
* Added plugin loading from `ux0:tai/config.txt` (where `ux0` is the newly mounted USB storage). If that file exists, when the plugin is loaded, it will tell taiHEN to use that file instead of `ur0:tai/config.txt`. Kernel plugins in `ur0:tai/config.txt` will always be loaded first (including `usbmc.skprx` of course), then once that’s done, kernel plugins from `ux0:tai/config.txt` will be loaded. Application plugins will *no longer* load from `ur0:tai/config.txt` (it will be ignored). Instead only `ux0:tai/config.txt` will be considered. If this sounds confusing or you don’t like it, **do not** create `ux0:tai/config.txt`.

Download USBMC from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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