Tetromino (Tetris) svennd has released Tetromino (Tetris) version 0.8 for the PSVita.

After the release from Aurora, I wanted to give this little homebrew again some love. So I added a few features, most notably in this version is the new retro highscore screen, including blipping stars. Also a hold function is added, I wanted to add it as a setting, but I figured, if you don’t want to (like me) you just don’t use it. Beside that I also added a slightly modified background for every level. This would make modders life, like Aurora’s (thx!) life a bit easier, but it also gives a new dimension to the game.

I wanted to add more modes, including a color match mode, which was close to working, but allot of finetuning where yet needed to release, this has pushed me away from this project and I decided to kick it out for now. I want to do more easier modes (like Touhou’s easy/moderate/hard mode) or quest based levels. So perhaps now these will happen. Anyway, this is a nice incremental update ready for tester :)

# v0.8
* added a top 5 highscore on a separate page
* added a function to add a username to a highscore for multiuser
* cleaned up the game over screen
* every level the background changes
* added hold option, based on the implementation of Aurora
* redone interface for classic to accomodate the hold option and stats
* changed the layout of the stats in classic game over screen
* changed line remove animation, its now color based on amount of lines
* added a new font Retroscape
* added a new font Space Meatball
* dropped unfinished color match mode, to complex

Thanks to all people supporting this homebrew !

Download Tetromino (Tetris) from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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