Higurashi Vita MyLegGuy has released Higurashi Vita version 2.5 for the PSVita.

It’s finally here, v2.5. I skipped v2.4 because I think I did two versions worth of work. Expected by less than 4 people, this version brings some changes.
* Character expression changes now look slightly less bad.
* Text speed is no longer a bar. I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea.
* Text reaching the bottom of the screen doesn’t cause the world to explode anymore.
* Press triangle after selecting a game to set it as the default game when you launch the program. Do the same to unset it.
* The order of some of the settings in the settings menu were changed.
* Bustshot art location changes will take effect immediately
* Added little fadein and fadeout for the textbox. It looks really, really nice.
* [3DS] Random crashing possibly fixed.
* [VITA] Adds VNDS support for VNDS converted games
* Does not work on 3ds yet. Big images won’t load and MP3 files won’t load. This only works on PS Vita.
* 3ds support soon™.
* [VITA] Added a method to convert your old presets & StreamingAssets setup to the new games folder setup if you’re upgrading from an older version. It’s really easy.
* [VITA] Brand new sound engine created by me. Allowed me to add MP3 loading support for VNDS.
* I also think this fixes the BGM stopping when you suspend the game even without sd2vita. As a result, the option to restart BGM was removed.
* [VITA] Color inversion commands now actually invert all the image’s colors.

Download Higurashi Vita from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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