Rocks n Diamonds Vita rsn8887 has released Rocks n Diamonds Vita version 1.9 for the PSVita.

Changes in this Version

- added ‘60 fps’ game speed setting for perfectly smooth motion in some levels. It works well with the bundled Emerald Mine levelsets. This mode is 20% faster than the default setting ‘normal.’

- removed slow-down when playing levelsets that use the Emerald Mine engine with default graphics, such as the bundled Emerald Mine levelsets.

These are my Vita ports of Rocks’n'Diamonds and Mirrormagic.

**Rocks’n'Diamonds** is a Boulderdash type game by Holger Schemel with many unique features, such as the ability to play remade levels from Boulderdash, Emerald Mine and Supaplex and many more levels.

![Screenshot of Rocks'n'Diamonds Vita](

**Mirrormagic** is a game by Holger Schemel in the tradition of Deflektor and Mindbender. You guide a laser beam by adjusting mirrors before the time limit runs out.

![Screenshot of Mirrormagic Vita](

More information about the games can be found at the homepages for the Windows versions:

And the official manual for Rocks’n'Diamonds is here:

Thanks to my awesome supporters on Patreon, especially Andyways, CountDuckula, and Sean Ritzo.

Thanks @FrangarCJ for help with optimizing the rendering.

Thanks to Holger Schemel for making a great and portable game.

Thanks to the many devs of VitaSDK for a great development environment.


- install the vpks

- extract contents of and and copy them to your Vita’s ux0:/data folder. You should have folders ux0:/data/rocksndiamonds and ux0:/data/mirrormagic on your Vita with the files in them.

Vita-Exclusive Features
- game controller mapping including analog joystick mouse controls
- front touch controls with left/right mouse click and drag and drop gestures
- text entry with Vita touch keyboard, no physical keyboard or mouse required
- support for bluetooth keyboard and mouse
- the game runs smooth at the same speed as the desktop versions
- additional level package with thousands of levels as separate download (see ‘More Levels’)
- auto-hide mouse cursor when using the dpad
- easily switch player focus in multiplayer games using r+triangle and r+square

Gamepad Controls
Dpad or left stick = move player and navigate menus
right stick = move mouse pointer
Cross = primary button (+ direction for snap action or turning mirrors, also ‘ok’ in menu)
Circle = secondary button (drop dynamite)
Square / L = left mouse button
Triangle / R = right mouse button
Select = quit (escape key, also cancels requesters)
Start = pause (space key)
R+Triangle = set focus to next player (ALL->1->2->3->4)
R+Square = set player focus to previous player (ALL<-1<-2<-3<-4)

Touch Controls
Note: for multi-touch gestures, the fingers have to be far enough apart from each other, so that the Vita will not erroneously recognize them as a single finger. Otherwise the pointer will jump around.

Single short tap = left mouse click
Single short tap while holding a second finger down = right mouse click
Single finger drag = move the mouse pointer
Dual finger drag = drag’n'drop (left mouse button is held down)
Three finger drag = drag’n'drop (right mouse button is held down)

More Levels for Rocks’n'Diamonds

- More than 50,000 additional Rocks’n'Diamonds levels can be downloaded here:

- I made a single easy-to-install zip [](!tdBhDRrZ!t4XrrCyXzCSGjcgFjvh-Sm1MhGErcsWg3UOjUZCKvZ4) (~80 MB). It contains selected additional levels from the above site and is available here:!tdBhDRrZ!t4XrrCyXzCSGjcgFjvh-Sm1MhGErcsWg3UOjUZCKvZ4

- Just download, unzip, and transfer to your Vita, so that you have a subfolder ux0:/data/rocksndiamonds/levels/More_Levels.

- FTP transfer of levelsets has to be done using binary transfer mode, not Auto or ASCII . Otherwise some levels will be treated as ASCII with mangled line endings and won’t work. This was verified with the Emerald_Mine_Club_original_1 levels and FileZilla FTP.

- To load new level sets, go to the level number selection in the menu, and press x. A new screen should open that shows a few levels. Go to the parent dir and into the folder Classic Games. There are many more levels already included in that folder.

- Sometimes when loading a levelset after loading other level sets one after the other, the game runs out of memory and quits. This is fixed by simply restarting the game and loading the levelset again.

- To answer the OK/Cancel dialogs in the game, press select to cancel (select is escape), or x for OK.

- You can install new level sets for Rocks’n'Diamonds by copying them into ux0:/data/rocksndiamonds/levels. See the official manual:

- You can install new level sets for Mirrormagic by copying them into ux0:/data/mirrormagic/levels.

- If you mess up some options and want to reset to default, you can delete the folder ‘ux0:/data/rocksndiamonds/userdata’ and/or ‘ux0:/data/mirrormagic/userdata’

- For multiplayer team mode in Rocks’n'Diamonds to work on VitaTV, enable it via Setup->Game & Menu->Team-Mode (Multiplayer)->on. You also have to find make a level that has multiple players. r+square and r+triangle can be used in-game to change focus between players, see Game Controls. All controllers have to be paired before launching the app, otherwise they will not be recognized by the game.

Build Instructions
- clone the repository, then
cd rocksndiamonds
make vitarocks
for Rocks’n'Diamonds, or
cd rocksndiamonds
make vitamirror
for Mirrormagic.

You need the latest SDL2 Vita library from 05-23-2018 or later for this to work. The latest SDL2 library can be downloaded by updating your vitasdk, or here:


- add ‘60 fps’ game speed setting for perfectly smooth motion in some levels on the Vita. It works well with the bundled Emerald Mine levelsets. This mode is 20% faster than the default setting ‘normal.’

- removed slow-down when playing levelsets that use the Emerald Mine engine with default graphics.


- map set player focus to r+triangle and r+square for multiplayer games on VitaTV (up to 4 players)


- enabled mp3 music support, used by some custom levelsets


- support editing multiline textfields in level editor


- optimized rendering for large speed improvement (1.5x), noticable mostly on the very fast game speed setting (thanks @FrangarCJ for the help).
- fixed sticky touch inputs and other issues with touch controls


- fixed screen centering
- fixed screen scaling so it works for all sizes


- Mirrormagic as separate app. It uses the same codebase as Rocks’n'Diamonds.
- Smoother mouse pointer motion.


- Significant speedup by drawing directly to texture pixels. Setting game speed to ‘very fast’ actually makes it faster now.


- implemented mouse pointer controls via right analog stick and front touch. The level editor is fully usable now.
- improved picture quality for sharper graphics


- fixed name entry using touch keyboard. It works without any return or backspace keypresses now.
- fixed graphics corruption of some cartoons on menu screen (updated


- initial Vita release

Download Rocks n Diamonds Vita from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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