PiCrest Creckeryop has released PiCrest version 1.1 for the PSVita.

### New features:
* Previews (press square in level selection menu)
* Hints at start of the level
* Alpha channel in create mode
* Undo/Redo functions in create mode
* Level Generator
* Score (Counting cleared levels)
### Added:
* FULL LOCALIZATION (i mean now even difficulties on different languages, but still 3 languages)
* 7 Easy, 8 Medium, 10 Hard levels
* Milliseconds to timers
* 2 NEW THEMES (RedBlack and Cream coffee)
* 4 Extra slots to palette
* Pencil animation
* “5 skip” in level selection menu by pressing Left or Right
* now path in custom level selection menu
### Changed:
* Code was shortened (idk. is it influence on performance?)
* readFile algorythm in libraries now it reads faster
* design of pen and square
### Fixed:
* Little lag at start of the level
* Minor fixes (reduced distances between text somewhere, changed center for the name when level is cleared. And so on)

Maybe i forget something (i wanna sleep)
I hope it works with old savefiles (sorry if not)

Download PiCrest from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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