VitaGrafix Electry has released VitaGrafix version 3.2 for the PSVita.

## What’s new:

### Game support:
* **Wipeout 2048** [EU/US/JP/ASIA] – 14x IB resolution – game uses dynamic res. scaling, you can specify up to 14 IB resolutions to override the [default]( ones (or just 1 to disable the scaling completely)
* **Fate/EXTELLA LINK** [JP/ASIA] – IB resolution
* **Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation** [EU/US] – IB resolution + FPS cap

Thanks to @FormerNoob:
* **The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel** [EU/US/JP/ASIA] – IB resolution
* **The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II** [EU/US/JP/ASIA] – IB resolution
* **Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Venus** [JP/ASIA] – 2x IB resolution – uses dynamic scaling

Thanks to @nigelweng:
* **Resident Evil: Revelations 2** [EU/US/JP] – IB resolution

## _
Experiencing any bugs or crashes? Feel free to open up an issue [here]( (but please check existing ones first)

You don’t need to download ioPlus again if you have already installed it once.

If you are interested in eboot.bin modding using rePatch (more permanent solution), check ‘ux0:data/VitaGrafix/log.txt’ where you can find what exactly does the plugin patch (eboot offsets + patched hex values). Don’t forget to blacklist VitaShell in taihen config.txt, or the log will get overwritten each time you open VitaShell.

Download VitaGrafix from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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