Higurashi Vita MyLegGuy has released Higurashi Vita version 2.9 for the PSVita.

Useful changes:
* Optional text drop shadow added.
* Saving in VNDS mode can now easily be done by pressing start. Text log is now bound to up on the d-pad.
* VNDS mode has a new save and load menu. It’s a proper one with screenshot and text thumbnails. Hold R and press left or right to jump 5 pages. To generate thumbnails for your old VNDS saves, hold L and R and press select on the VNDS menu. It’ll probably work maybe.
* Quick VNDS save menu, the one when you hold R, now looks less ugly

Small useless changes that I list to make it seem like I did more work than I really did:
* The text fadeout transition no longer happens if your text speed is set to instant. It looks better this way.
* Embedded VNDS games now save in the proper location
* Sound filenames are no longer case sensitive
* Remove vnds converter < v1.1 warning.
* Fix crash when trying to save right after loading, allows you to move saves to other slots.
* Fix crash when trying to save if it’s your first run. Actually, maybe it was impossible to trigger this crash without an embedded game.
* Error messages will now wrap
* Reset settings and font size options only show on main menu now
* Remove some weird FPS limiting code. Things may be smoother, but probably not.

Download Higurashi Vita from the Brewology PSVita Store.

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