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PS3 Toolset (aka bgtoolset) has been updated by bguerville to support all PS3 firmware versions from 4.80 to 4.89.

This software works directly on the PS3 Internet browser and offers a complete collection of tools to patch the flash memory of PS3 systems to allow Custom Firmware installation without having to downgrade to 3.55, among other features.

You can check it out at the usual Use at your own risk, as always.

Changes in PS3 Toolset 1.2.004:

Userland Memory Manager v1.2
* added memory patching preset options for HAN & Debug pkg
* added memory patching through prepared files (using JSON syntax)
* added memory dumping options per executable file segments or through ranges
* added testing for unallocated memory before reading any offset to avoid potential crashes, in a next update UME Strict mode will be removed entirely

System Manager Manager v1.3.1
* added System Information details and options to save that data to file
* added syscon error logs
* added a new patch file download feature to avoid using the limited browser file download feature.
* added 4.89 patching support

JS Xploit Framework update v4.2
* hooked all existing VSH exports available, the entire range of them is available from js without needing to use offsets
* fixed the crashes on page load with certain setups
* many other changes & improvements, the list is too long to enumerate

Release information: PSX-PLACE

Donate via PayPal to [email protected] or use the QR codes in bgtoolset. site.

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