PS3 developer Evilnat has made a new update of his CFW 4.89.3 Evilnat Cobra 8.4 with 20 variations (CEX/DEX/noBD/noBT/OC) & several new features including a new Cobra payload, OtherOS support and a port of 4.84 DEX to 4.89 (aka PEX). In addition to the existing features in CFW 4.89 like built-in File manager in XMB, Option to toggle Cobra debug/normal versions, disable CFW syscalls, block PSN login if CFW syscalls are enabled, offline activation of PSN account, QA Flags, FAN Tools, Savedata conversion and several fixes and improvements.

To avoid issues, make sure you have the latest version of your favorite homebrews like, webMAN MOD, ManaGunZ, multiMAN, Movian, etc…​

NOTE: BGToolset is currently unavailable, therefore this CFW is only available for users already on CFW. Users with CFW models on OFW or HEN should avoid the dangerous / fraudulent clones of BGToolset.

Download: CFW 4.89.3 Evilnat Cobra 8.4 [PEX] [CEX] (Feb 2nd, 2023)
PUP MD5: 31D3667694EA35A18B73C7008B2A72E6

Download: CFW 4.89.3 Evilnat Cobra 8.4 [PEX] [CEX] Overclocked 600/750Mhz (Feb 2nd, 2023)
PUP MD5: ADEAD2220D2921521397F67A666CA59D
Increased 100Mhz to the default 500 Mhz GPU / 750 Mhz GDDR3 RAM Clock speeds LV1 patches by zecoxao


  • CFW Evilnat 4.89.3 COBRA 8.4 [CEX] / [OC] / [noBD] / [noBT] / [noBD+noBT]
  • CFW Evilnat 4.89.3 COBRA 8.4 [DEX] / [OC] / [noBD] / [noBT] / [noBD+noBT]
  • CFW Evilnat 4.89.3 COBRA 8.4 [PEX] [CEX] / [OC] / [noBD] / [noBT] / [noBD+noBT]
  • CFW Evilnat 4.89.3 COBRA 8.4 [D-PEX] [DEX] / [OC] / [noBD] / [noBT] / [noBD+noBT]

  • Original Release Info: @PSX-PLACE

      *UPDATE* Install XAI Updater 1.3 by Evilnat to get the latest fixes & features:
      – Now Cobra shows the correct disc image for PS2
      – Fixed libCrypt for PSX games (thanks to aldostools)
      – Enabled [Install All Packages] in non QA flagged PS3
      – Added german language in xai_plugin (thanks to FadedHD3)
      – Updated french language in xai_plugin (thanks to EimGdt and Chronoss09)
      – Updated OtherOS and PSN icon (thanks to HackZy01)
      – Updated Cobra version to 8.4
      – Use PS2 FAN Modes on PS2 Classic games (make sure webMAN MOD FAN Control is disabled)

    Download: Littlebalup’s 4.89 Dual Boot firmware for PS3 already on CFW CEX
    PUP MD5: 9466FC0D75F42E22E3B9E3B8D76C58AD

    Download: HFW 4.89 Dual Boot firmware for PS3 already on CFW CEX
    Same as Littlebalup’s 4.89 DB, but with silk_webkit.sprx from 4.82 to allow install ps3xploit (HEN)
    PUP MD5: 6FD6EA6458C0AD202289217B079922BC

    Both tested on NOR and NAND. From XMB and Recovery. Release link.

    Littlebalup’s PyPS3tools updated 4.89: Release link

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    soykhaler says:

    hi, can i submit my own homebrew to the psvita store ?

    February 28th, 2023 at 9:33 pm

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