PS3 developer Evilnat has made a new update of his CFW 4.90 Evilnat Cobra 8.4 with 20 variations (CEX/DEX/noBD/noBT/OC) & several new features including a new Cobra payload, OtherOS support and a port of 4.84 DEX to 4.90 (aka PEX). In addition to the existing features in CFW 4.90 like built-in File manager in XMB, Option to toggle Cobra debug/normal versions, disable CFW syscalls, block PSN login if CFW syscalls are enabled, offline activation of PSN account, QA Flags, FAN Tools, Save Data conversion and several fixes and improvements.

To avoid issues, make sure you have the latest version of your favorite homebrews like, webMAN MOD, ManaGunZ, multiMAN, Movian, etc…​ before update.

NEW: PS3 PS3Xploit Flash Writer for 4.90 HFW is now available to allow installation of custom firmware on PS3 models CFW compatible currently on OFW or HFW+HEN. PS3 consoles already on CFW just need to update from USB. => Video Tutorial / BGToolset is online again at with support for OFW/HFW/CFW 4.75-4.90 CEX/DEX/PEX.

Download: CFW 4.90 Evilnat Cobra 8.4 [PEX] [CEX] (March 7th, 2023)
PUP MD5: 33DECDCFEFAE6067597D7A253CC2A283

Download: CFW 4.90 Evilnat Cobra 8.4 [PEX] [CEX] Overclocked 600/750Mhz (March 7th, 2023)
PUP MD5: CF90B8007DAC6A2D1149F91E5C2B8366
Increased 100Mhz to the default 500 Mhz GPU / 750 Mhz GDDR3 RAM Clock speeds LV1 patches by zecoxao


  • CFW Evilnat 4.90 COBRA 8.4 [CEX] / [OC] / [noBD] / [noBT] / [noBD+noBT]
  • CFW Evilnat 4.90 COBRA 8.4 [DEX] / [OC] / [noBD] / [noBT] / [noBD+noBT]
  • CFW Evilnat 4.90 COBRA 8.4 [PEX] [CEX] / [OC] / [noBD] / [noBT] / [noBD+noBT]
  • CFW Evilnat 4.90 COBRA 8.4 [D-PEX] [DEX] / [OC] / [noBD] / [noBT] / [noBD+noBT]

  • Original Release Info: @PSX-PLACE

    Littlebalup’s PyPS3tools updated for 4.90: Github link

    Download: Littlebalup’s 4.90 Dual Boot firmware for PS3 already on CFW CEX
    PUP MD5: 04EC80EDD3ED40359D203BFF3B28F608

    Download: HFW 4.90 Dual Boot firmware for PS3 already on CFW CEX
    Same as Littlebalup’s 4.90 DB, but with silk_webkit.sprx from 4.82 to allow install ps3xploit (HEN)
    PUP MD5: F059690E24A308FE98AF401CF037A793

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    Trev183 says:

    hi how cwn i get this on my ps3 without the bg tool set?
    ive got rid of hen as i couldnt get no ps2 iso to work on slim ps3 ccch 2103a
    bern trying for a week its driving ne insane lol any help appreciated thank you

    March 9th, 2023 at 12:58 am

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