Graphixbrew's Official Signature Contest – Details

Did you ever make a signature that was breath-taking? Or have you ever wanted to make one?
Well now you can enter that sig and get it judged, At
Graphixbrew's First Official Signature Contest. See below for details

1st Place gets

-Custom title (a reasonable one)  **MAYBE**
-mentioned on the front page
-Custom Userbar

2nd Place gets

-mentioned on the front page
-custom userbar

3rd Place gets

-custom userbar
-Mentioned on the front page

1. No ripping, you will be disqualified and banned if you do.
2. It has to be your own work
3. Must not exceed 530×150 Pixels
4. This is a freestyle Contest
5. Renders and C4D's May be used
6. All material in the renders must be appropriate for viewers under 18.
7. No racial or sexual content
8. You may ONLY submit ONE signature

Contest starts November 25th, 2007 and ends December 20th.

Enter HERE


We MIGHT be able to issue custom titles, however if we cannot, we will have a different prize for you.

Dont have Photoshop or a decent paint program? if so PM ME.

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