For those of you who don’t know GIMP is a free, photo-editing program similar to Photoshop. It consists of similar tools and can perform some of the Photoshop tutorials in the Tutorials section here at graphixBrew. To download GIMP visit and continue to the downloads section.

There will soon be more and more GIMP tutorials that will be posted my me and other members. I personally will be re-writing some Photoshop tutorials for GIMP users to use (With permission from the Tutorial authors). If you need brushes for GIMP, private message me and I will tell you where to get some.

Also, if you are having any trouble understanding or working with GIMP, feel free to private message me or other GIMP users (Who will comment on this article so you know that those are the people to PM for help) and we will try and sort out your problem and make it easier to use.

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