Shigeru Miyamoto


Japan honored a man who many would say single-handedly changed modern video gaming all by himself. Shigeru Miyamoto was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Japan for his revolutionary approaches and renovations to the video gaming industry. Chances are you’ve heard of this guy before. His name is plastered all over the place in the Nintendo community. Why? He’s the brains behind the meat and potatoes of the Nintendo lineup. Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario – the gearhead that orchestrated all of these franchises from the ground up is being honored in a big way and boy does he deserve it.


Miyamoto, a man that didn’t come from riches, didn’t graduate from the finest college, and didn’t outright steal his otherwordly and sometimes outrageous ideas for video gaming certainly deserves this great honor. It goes further though! The Nintendo DS and Wii were honored with the Distinguished Service Award for helping to “further expanded the horizons of gaming culture”. Talk about one happy time for Nintendo… but in all fairness, the company and the man himself are truly deserving of such awards.

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