“Many of us are planning on attending 26C3 in Berlin in a few weeks — we hope to get a table again in the Hackcenter this year, but no guarantees.

We will not be presenting anything this year, sorry!  There’s not much new to report with the Wii, and we don’t have anything complete enough to show for the DSi.   Also, honestly, I’m looking forward to actually getting some sleep this year and seeing some presentations — I barely emerged from the basement for the last two years.

If we do get some space to set up, we’ll probably have at least one Wii, hopefully a DSi-hacking setup, and then you’ll get to see the rest of the projects that have occupied our time over the last year — lasers, all sorts of SunPlus devices, etc.  Should be good times.”

Post a comment if you’re planning on attending.

Posted by Bushing from Hackmii

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