We’re terribly sorry for the recent downtime the site has incurred, but we’ve been hard at work to bring the site back up. We’ve had issues with a few things including hosting issues as well as a bit extra, which I’ve outlined in our forum, but we’re back now and we’re working hard towards being better than ever before. Keep your eyes peeled for a forum update within the next few days that will include a section for average members to post news for the website in. That news can be taken and posted up by a staff member, giving full credits to the user, of course, and will be a great way that the community can take part in making the site a better place.


Also, it’s HIGHLY advised to enter the Brewology Network through instead of using one of the mirrors like WiiBrew or PSPBrew because we’re going to be adding news posts that are specific to the Brewology page itself about the latest tech trends and what-not and the only way to see such information is to enter the site through Doing this will also filter the news from every aspect of our site into one convenient page for you to view! So please, if you haven’t already, make sure to add the Brewology page to your bookmarks or homepage or just plain enter it in when accessing the site. 


Thanks for everything folks. Again, sorry for the downtime, but welcome back to the Brew!

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