Halo has been a franchise that many say has arguably changed modern first person shooter video games. No, the idea that mankind must fight in an epic battle for survival against a merciless alien race is NOT quite the most original idea in itself, but the combat mechanics that made the series stand out ARE. In a recently-released documentary from Bungie, the crew explains their ambitious goals for the upcoming Halo game, Halo Reach. In the documentary, Bungie makes several claims that they have ten times more colliding particle calculations to play with, higher fidelity character models, an all-new cast, and much larger firefights in a “sandbox” mode. The big picture is that they will have roughly four times the amount of polygons which means you’ll get more customizable Spartans, environments, weaponry, and vehicles. And on that note, they claim to have the goal of adding twice the weapons, twice the characters, twice the vehicles etc. For those of you that are Halo fans, Halo Reach seems to be “the game” tha

t will deliver “the experience” that you’ve been craving to find.


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