One of the most fantastic gaming devices/ services I recognized from this year’s E3 conference was “OnLive”. OnLive is a play on the word, “online”, and for fully-justifiable reasons. With OnLive, any compatible device that can connect and run the OnLive client with at least a download rate of 5mb/s will be able to play HD gaming content wherever they have internet access. The content is streamed through the client to whatever independent device that is compatible with the service and then is able to play HD content on that device. 


At E3, the game shown off as a working title was Borderlands, an exceptional first-person shooter MMO game. The device that the game was played on was none other than Apple’s new iPad, a device known for being “just a large iPod touch”. 


Microsoft has been questioned for a long time about making a hand-held gaming device and have dodged questions. Now, it seems that they are at least a little bit closer to providing such a device. Now, however, it seems any device capable of creating a method of input, like the iPad’s touch screen or perhaps a USB peripheral gaming controller (not mentioned, but to be expected) will be able to stream HD gaming content that looks just as great as the modern gaming generation as played on Xbox 360 – but seemingly limitless. 


This type of technology truly brings to question the concept of the future of hand-held devices and battery power consumption standards. For me, personally, I look at this type of technology and see visions of the 90’s when Sega Channel was still pumping.



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Source: FPSTime

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