The Motorola Xoom, a dual core tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb, won the title of “Best Gadget of CES”- judged by editors of Cnet. The Xoom also won the “Best Tablet of CES” award.

Motorola was not satisfied with this though, instead they produced the Android Powered Atrix 4G smartphone winning the “Best Smartphone of CES” award as well.

Motorola Mobility device head, Alain Mutricy, was quoted saying, “Our partnership with Google has been very intense and has enabled some great technology.”

Congrats to Moto and Android as a whole!

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Ohhhhh DANG this thang is looking sexy!

Modeled after the Gallery 3D app (hopefully following suite with the GPU acceleration), Google will be giving us Android users a new Music player that will directly rival the competition. In fact, the way it handles the music files, it seems it will outperform even the coveted “Cover Flow”.

The video appears to possibly signify even further advances in the Android OS as a whole. It appears that by clicking the icon in the status bar you are returned to the Apps main menu. Possibly even leading to buttonless Android Phones!

Watch the Video, & Discuss In Our Forums

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