It is indeed a sad time. On the 21st of this month, Future US, the publication company Nintendo used for it’s extremely cherished “Nintendo Power” magazine, announced that it was stepping back from Nintendo Power. Nintendo reps have gone on to say that they will not be seeking another publication company to continue the printing Nintendo Power magazine.

Whether or not you are a fan of the magazine or ever opened the front cover, there is something about Nintendo Power that gamers have adored throughout the last 24 years. In a Nintendo Power magazine, you’d open the beautifully illustrated front cover to find incredible news about the latest trends in gaming. Everything from future releases, interviews with developers, tips and tricks, walk-throughs, Nintendo Power had it all. Inspiring a hopeful Nintendo fan base, gamers would look upon the pages of this magazine and be itching afterwords – dying in anticipation to play that hit new game or use the skills they’d learn to take on the boss of the level they were stuck on.

In a time before the internet reared its head, gaming publications gave an insight into what they could come to expect from a game or a developer, an insight they would otherwise never have. For example, when I was a young boy, I’d go to the store with my hoarded allowance money and look at all the video game cases. Back then, it was the case of the game that sold it. Only privileged children in my neighborhood were privy enough to have a subscription to Nintendo Power, easily making them the most popular child on the playground once or twice a month. There were few magazines to catch on with the younger market, and Nintendo Power aced it.

While it has previously been unclear as to how many issues of the magazine will be published from this point, a Nintendo representative has mentioned that December 2012 will be the last issue of the publication. It’s a sad day for gaming, indeed, but a day that was in the making since the inception of the internet.  I personally haven’t been subscribed to the magazine in years, but I know what I’ll be reading this next December when Nintendo Power’s last issue hits the stands.


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