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Check it out, it is the new PSP Phone. It has a good look, but I’m skeptical of the touch pad replacing the analog nubs.

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Around the time of the Tokyo Game Show, Sony held a private meeting at its offices in Tokyo’s Aoyama. The purpose was to show off the PSP2.

Several sources have confirmed to Kotaku that the PSP2 does have a previously rumored touch panel on the back of the hardware. The touch panel was described as looking like a big mouse trackpad. When Sony showed the PSP2, it did not provide concrete details regarding how the trackpad will be implemented in games and instead is leaving that to the discretion of game developers.

The screen itself is not only sharper than the current PSP’s, but about an inch larger. The larger screen means that the PSP2 will be larger as well. In the private meetings, Sony is touting the screen as “HD”.

A larger PSP should not be that big of an issue for Sony — especially in a mobile environment with large tablets like the iPad. It also shows that Sony realizes it is no longer simply competing with Nintendo, but also Apple.

It is unclear whether this is the same handheld described by the Wall Street Journal. According to the paper, Sony is working on a device that mixes a game player, an e-book reader and a netbook computer.

In late September, there were also reports that the PSP2 hardware was in the hands of “numerous” developers.

Currently, the PSP2’s hardware is not finalized, and Sony is having problems balancing battery, power and heat. There are apparently overheating issues, but Sony is, of course, aiming to have those issues corrected by the time the hardware is publicly shown.

Sony set the PSP2’s goals (what Sony wants it to do), but is still tinkering with the portable’s innards. The PSP2’s tech specs are expected to change, meaning that things like chip size and processor size are variable.

Sources tell Kotaku that the PSP2’s release window is fall 2011. Sony is not yet talking openly about the PSP2.

Sony did not offer a comment in time for publication.

NOTE: The above image is not a picture of the new device just one of many fan-created mock-ups of a new PSP.

Source: [Kotaku]

Good news, but I wish it was more portable and not bigger. The PSP 3000 size is plenty big.

Also – the PSP Go price cut is official, it is now $200 in the US.

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Total_Noob, GEN team member has apparently finalized what will allow PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, pspgos owners to use their homebrew. There is no current release date to be announced but at least before Christmas. Something to note: This flaw is in PSP firmware 6.30 and 6.31 but is less stable which is why he is concentrating on 6.20.

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Collected by is a gallery of 14 PSP2 concepts, my favorite is probably the second. There are some pretty cool ones that I haven’t even seen, Enjoy!


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So, Total_Noob found a way to enable launching homebrew on the PSP via the XMB! If you guys were around the PSP scene to remember ChickHEN or even the HEN from the 2.XX era, then you’ll be familiar with the term HEN and what this kind of stuff this new exploit will allow. Currently, it works up to the 6.2 firmware and launches from HBL (homebrew loader) from the Patapon 2 or the Hot Shots demo from the PSN.

- ParitionCheck has a new structure, fixed (now you can load unpacked prxes), thanks to Davee!
- One patch of ModuleManager was not right, fixed (now you can run all homebrews), thanks to Davee!
- Added some systemctrl exports

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Due to our strict silk pants-only policy, the PSP Go (and, really, any other handheld) has been a hard sell — sure, the $250 asking price isn’t helping, but that may be changing in the near future. A dutiful tipster sent us the above image from his AAFES-based store of employment, indicating a $50 North American price drop to $200 for the digital-only handheld. Oddly, Sony has kept mum on the possibility, not even offering a “We don’t comment on rumor and speculation” to our repeated attempts at contact.

Our friends in other retailers have yet to uncover any news of the price drop, but Sony’s silence gives us the impression something’s up. Perhaps you have something to share? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

[Source: Joystiq]

I think it is about time for this, $250 is much to steep for an old handheld that does not support a physical format. Digital Distribution may be the future, but the world is not quite ready yet. Though this is still a rumor so do not take it to heart!

Though the good news is that Amazon is currently selling the PSP Go for $199.00 anyway.

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It looks like there’s more evidence that the PSP2 is coming. Not just another revamp, but a new device entirely. Or… the PSP is going to be shelved.
SCEE has sent a notice to developers stating that it will no longer be selling development tools or testing tools after November 15th. And that Sony will advise developers when “a new model becomes available.”
In the past, a few high-profile companies said that they had the new PSP2 models, but no other official words have been stated.

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Alright, as you can see from this YouTube video, you move around your block and try to avoid the evil black boxes with your analog stick. Your score increases as time goes on and go through levels.
It’s pretty simple, but addicting. You guys should try this out!

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