• OLED touch screen that is a tiny bit bigger than the PSP 1000’s screen but 5X the resolution.
• Back-panel touchpad
• Front and rear camera
• Dual analog sticks
• PS3-like graphics – Amazing!!!! :D
• SD-like game carts
• WiFi
• 3G
• Bluetooth
• Electric Compass
• Gyroscope
• Accelerometer
• Great launch titles like Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Call of Duty, MGS4, Monster Hunter, Dynasty Warrior
• Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, quad-core GPU as well!!!!!!!

Hideo says that this clip of MGS4 on the PSP 2 is a direct port of the PS3 version, running at 20 FPS.

WOW! PS3 graphics on the PSP 2 at near-full spead?!?!

Comes out this coming holiday season. <3

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I’ve got little words for this. Seems very legitimate.

A while back, many companies started stating that they had the PSP2 in their hands, even though Sony denied it when confronted. Now, images are popping up of the test kit that the developers are saying that they’re testing. As you can see from this image, the PSP 2 will have a trackpad on the back, like it has been stated before, two analog sticks, two cameras, and a PSP Go-like body (actually looks more like the Mylo COM-1). Very little word has been put out about specs of the device, but it it said to rival the XBox 360 in graphics power in respect to screen size. Another rumor going along with this one is that the PSP 2 will come in two seperate models. One that is more like the PSP-1000 model and one like the PSP Go.

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Collected by is a gallery of 14 PSP2 concepts, my favorite is probably the second. There are some pretty cool ones that I haven’t even seen, Enjoy!


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It looks like there’s more evidence that the PSP2 is coming. Not just another revamp, but a new device entirely. Or… the PSP is going to be shelved.
SCEE has sent a notice to developers stating that it will no longer be selling development tools or testing tools after November 15th. And that Sony will advise developers when “a new model becomes available.”
In the past, a few high-profile companies said that they had the new PSP2 models, but no other official words have been stated.

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