Release Notes:
- PS3 Homebrew Manager. Is an application to drop the latest Homebrew Apps / Games / Emulators / Utilities on your PS3.
- This is a bare bones version of what the goal of PS3 Homebrew Manager is. Check back often for releases.
- We are definitely missing many homebrew apps. Please feel free to tell us which ones to add on the forum.
To Do List:
- Make UI nicer. Especially on OSX.
- Ability to Patch already installed items vs full reinstall. (Useful for applications that would lose info otherwise)
- Handle applications that conflict (aka all the different managers).
- Build web interface for developers to update their own pkgs, information, website etc…
(Will build this if Developers tell me they want it. LMK via Forum / PM)
- Ability to transfer local supplementary files (Like for SNES9x).

- Lots more… but don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Check it out here.

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