GenPlus-GX Test Beta Released anonymous has released GenPlus-GX v0.01. Emulate the SEGA Genesis or Mega Drive on the PS3.

Genesisplus GX on PS3 it\’s just for change my mind before i go back to ps3sx :) rnrnput all folders so ./genplus ./genplus/roms ./genplus/bios ./genplus/state ./genplus/sramrnon root of dev_usb000 so the first usb port on your right .rnrnSupport in this test version :rn2 Players rnroms supportrnZip supportrnsvp emulation for virtua racing and Corn rnTODO :rnFixed the sound i\’ve a mini glich look like the sound buffer size is too long ?!?rnFixe save states already work but freeze on some games so disabled

Download it from the Brewology Store or PS3 Homebrew Manager.

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