[Late] Rogero Manager v7.8 Released Rogero has released Rogero Manager v7.8. Rogero’s custom version of the Open Manager. View detailed description for change log.

7.8.0 – New Protected Mode to lock Games pre-defined settings & Copy/Delete functions.rn7.8.0 – Scrolling Functions fixed to have a 100% smooth scrolling.rn7.8.0 – Added Page UP/Page Down using D-Pad Left/Right Buttons.rn7.8.0 – Fixed White Background for game titles that don\’t have the Pic1.png file.rn7.8.0 – Cache folder files will be deleted during setup to remove previous white Backgrounds.rn7.8.0 – Added \”dev_hdd0/BDRIPS\” & \”dev_usb0/BDRIPS\” to path options/Gaia Manager compatibility.rn7.8.0 – Show the Number of total Games available on the GUI.rn7.8.0 – Changed the BR-Required option from \”Triangle\” to \”Square\” button.rn7.8.0 – Re-Added the Exit option with the \”Triangle\” button.rn7.8.0 – New XMB Icon.rn7.8.0 – Various bugs fixed.rn7.8.0 – Removed the Stealth version from the package / not useful anymore.

Download it from the Brewology Store or PS3 Homebrew Manager.

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