The new iOS update is here! For now, there is no changes in the signal power in the CDMA models (Verizon, etc.), but AT&T’s will be a minor update, though.
The rest of the changelog is as follows:
• Resolves an issue authenticating with some enterprise web services
• Fixes an occasional graphics glitch on iPod touch (4th generation)
• Resolves bugs related to activating and connecting to some cellular networks
• Fixes image flicker when using Apple Digital AV Adapter with some TVs
Alongside that, it does patch over a serious flaw in the mobile web browser… Luckily, there were no exploits being worked on, so no real loss!

Next, XCode has been updated for you developers out there!
Here’s the changelog for that
• Improved Assistant editor logic when switching among different file types
• Fixed a bug in “Install” that hangs at 99% complete, never finishing
• Fixed a bug that prevented indexing of some projects
• Fixed a bug related to nil settings in the Core Data model editor
• Fixed a bug that prevented automatic download of iOS documentation
• Fixed a bug in LLVM GCC 4.2 and LLVM compiler 2.0 for iOS projects
• Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

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