The Playstation Network is finally up in most regions of the world but it is not a full restorations. While you are still capable of playing the PlayStation Home, playing online PS3 and PSP games, Vudu, MLB, friend lists, trophy comparison, chat features, Netflix, Qriocity, but you must change your password right away on the PS3 you activated your account on, or through e-mail validation.
Kazuo Hirai states that they have upgraded their network encryption, firewalls, early warning detection systems, and generally strong security.
Of course, if you still paranoid that your identity is stolen… you can enroll in some of their free identity monitoring programs where the services are available.
Now… What do you get for your troubles?!?!
Well, you don’t know yet! Details will be coming out in the next few days in all regions.
I’m glad to see they are more worried about getting the PSN up than trying to win back customers.

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