Assassin's Creed Revelations

Ubisoft announced that a multiplayer beta would be released September 3rd, initially only available to PSN+ or non-paying Ubisoft Uplay users. Everyone else will have access on September 12th. It doesn’t seem like a beta has been announced yet though for the Xbox 360 or PC. I for one am not very concerned that it seems to be PS3 only so far considering it’s only a multiplayer beta, I am glad though that they are hopefully working out the kinks in the multiplayer aspect this time.

“The beta, Ubi’s announcement indicates, includes subsets of Revelations’s full multiplayer offering, providing, for now, just nine characters (The Sentinel, The Vanguard, The Guardian, The Vizier, The Thespian, The Deacon, The Bombardier, The Trickster and The Champion), three maps (Knight’s Hospital, Antioch, Constantinople) and four modes (Wanted, Manhunt, Deathmatch, and Artifact Assault).”

To be honest I’d be completely happy if they just removed the multiplayer aspect all together and devote that disc space to a longer singleplayer mode. Maybe it’s just me though, although if a multiplayer beta is any indication of the time they’re putting into Revelation’s multiplayer maybe they can win my heart back. Good idea, now just make it a good execution!

Source: Kotaku

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